Letters: Student who backs Romney not sophomoric

Posted: October 08, 2012

THE TEACHER who publicly embarrassed a sophomore for wearing a Romney shirt should be removed ( Daily News, Oct. 4). Not because of the teacher's obvious alliance to Obama, but for acting unprofessionally by singling out one student who was not afraid to show where she stands politically.

Is this not how we want our children to be? Confident in their beliefs? Strong in their convictions? Not afraid to stand up for what they believe? It is the teacher who shamefully showed her allegiance by acting insulted, angry and surprised that one of her students disagreed with her political view.

American citizenship gives us precious rights: the right to vote, the right of free speech, the right to show support of your candidate.

This sophomore has the guts to stand up. She should be praised. The teacher was obviously smarting from the awful performance of her candidate, Obama, during the debate. I cheer for you, young sophomore, for having an opinion, for having a vision of the future, and for having the courage to tell the world.

Keep up the good work. There are many of us out here that will stand with you. Good work. Grade for this class: A-plus.

Ken Carchidi


Send him to Hollywood

Re: Bully cop ("Fist to cuffs," Daily News, Oct. 2).

I believe the video speaks for itself. It shows an officer out of control. The video also shows that other officers watched this bully assault this woman and did nothing.

What would have happened if he had used his gun and not his fist? He punched that woman in the face and in the back of the head and knocked her down. He did not hesitate for one second to think about what he was doing or what the consequences of his actions would be.

Jonathan Josey's record with the Police Department has been shady, to say the least. Are they waiting for him to do more harm than he already has done? Let's send him to Hollywood. He has wanted to become an actor, which is what he probably has been doing all these years working for the Philadelphia Police Department - acting like Mr. Nice Guy. Let's give officer Josey his Oscar and send him on his way. He has to go.

Tina Bellosi


It is what it is. Plain and simple. It doesn't matter how long a person is on a job or whether they are in good standing. He was out of order. Thirty days desk duty with intent to dismiss. Let's see, if he's in need of employment he can always enlist in the military. He can go overseas and be bodyguard for the troops. Poster person for hitting woman; poster person for anger management. You see all these other officers there, and not one of them tried to intervene.

Linda J. Turner


Bring our troops home Re: Signe's Oct. 2 cartoon.

The shadow of death is staring us right in the face, with 4,486 U.S. troops dead as a result of the Iraq war and 2,000 U.S. troops dead - and counting - from the war in Afghanistan. How many more confused shoot-outs, misunderstandings or errors like this last one in Afghanistan - that killed two Americans and three Afghans - will there be before we finally get all of our troops out of there? Our nation paid out plenty of blood money because of mistakes, and Americans have heard enough apologies and tearful regrets to last our nation a lifetime. If only our troops could pull out of Afghanistan today . . . imagine the lives we could save and apologies we could avoid.

JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, Fla.

Not a fan of Obama

Re: Reader responds to Jan C. Ting's letter ( Daily News, Sept. 28)

If Romney is supposed to be the "worst possible candidate" for the GOP, then I will be so bold as to ask: What would you call Obama? Shame on the Democratic Party for not coming up with a better candidate. Instead, they chose to go with the same old, same old. More kisses and more empty promises. Oh, wait! There are no real promises here. Just a bunch of bashing and nitty-picking of the opposing candidate. A lot of driving home of negative issues, most not true or exaggerated. This is Obama's theme for his campaign. Sorry, folks, it has nothing to do with fixing the economy or creating jobs, etc.

Say what you want about Romney. At least he is trying to get the word out on how he intends to fix the economy and how he will try to create jobs and so forth. With Obama, all you get is a bunch of "rah-rah" sessions as he goes about bloviating how there is a war on women, or the pushing of granny off a cliff, or how teachers and the middle class, etc., don't mean anything to Romney.

Going on talk shows like Letterman and "The View," etc., does not tell the American people how he intends to get this country back on track. Whether he knows who "Snooki" is or what his favorite TV show is - that's not what's important here. Other than put this country in further debt and tax the American people out the wazoo, what does he intend on doing for the next four years? Perhaps Obama should look into another profession. Looking at last year's record, what qualifies him as presidential material?

As an independent voter, I would have to go with Romney. Not because I feel he is the best choice in the whole wide world, but because I would have to say, Obama is definitely the "worst choice" for president.

Diane McDowell


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