Letters: Letter: Show photo ID for which rights?

Posted: October 09, 2012

RE: "Your rights vs. your privileges" (editorial, Oct. 2).

There are many rights guaranteed by the Constitution, including the right to bear arms and the right to a jury of my peers. Is the author suggesting that those rights should not require identification? Or does the author wish to handpick which rights require identification? I agree that voting is an essential right, a right that those ineligible to vote are not entitled to.

T.L. Gordon

Drexel Hill

Re: Christine Flowers "Right to Vote" column (Oct. 5).

Although I often disagree with Ms. Flowers (I'll take Obama over Romney any day), her intelligence, bravery and logical opinions do more to encourage fruitful discussion than the normal, run-of-the-mill columns to which we have all grown accustomed. Her wicked sense of humor doesn't hurt either.

That being said, I have my suspicions about the timing of the photo-ID laws throughout the country, although I stop short of believing in any grand conspiracy or plan. I haven't seen that type of ability in either of our two major political parties. Thank God Judge Simpson gave us what the Constitution intended from our judiciary - fairness.

Lastly, I am sure that some readers won't or can't make this connection, but I am positive that Ted Flowers is not only smiling but also thinking, "That's my girl!"

Joseph Ridgway

Marlton, N.J.

Does truancy count?

This spring, I learned that a student I had some years ago had not been attending school and as a result got into some trouble that landed him in jail (or likely some other juvenile placement). He and his family chose to enroll in the local charter middle/high school after leaving our school.

What troubles me most is not knowing what protocols are in place for students who are enrolled in charter schools who end up truant. What steps must these publicly funded, privately run and managed schools take to ensure that their students are attending school? Since the whole charter idea is less oversight, who is watching to see that such protocols are adhered to and with fidelity, if they exist?

A teacher in the district must send notes home, make phone calls home, complete the CEH 14, C-31, and CSAP (in the "old" days) paperwork, get them in the RTII process and tracking system, contact the counselors, make home visits in some cases, and the list goes on of the truancy vocabulary that we use and the protocol that we must follow when a child is absent THREE times (even sporadically) without having submitted an absence note!

So I just want to know: What do our charter counterparts do? To whom do they report? What is the process? Is there a process?

Stephen R. Flemming


Hero of the day

I was on my way to the doctor's office with my mother when she was having difficulty breathing and became unconscious for about two seconds. A gentleman came along and allowed me to use his cellphone to contact the emergency rescue team. He also stayed with me until paramedics arrived and even stayed until they transported my mother to the hospital. I am so sorry that I did not obtain his name. We were at the vicinity of Washington Lane and Woolston Avenue around 11 a.m. I would like to thank him for all his help and wish him good health: If I ever get the chance to meet you, I would thank you in person for all your help. You saved my mother's life. May God bless and keep you safe from harm. There are still some good people left in this world.

Lora Neal


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