Letters: A defense of Council aide Latrice Bryant

Posted: October 12, 2012

Letters AFTER READING the article about Latrice Bryant (" 'Booka!' Council staffer throws down in club," Daily News, Oct. 9), I feel I had to respond. I have known Latrice and her family for close to seven years now. We have attended the same church and are both engaged in community service. Latrice is highly educated and does a wonderful job in the councilman's office, I have referred many people there as I am a social worker at DHS for services, and they have been satisfied.

The Bryant family is a hardworking family that has been dedicated to public service. I find it ironic that the article would use the phrase "closely connected to the Democratic Party." I have voted since I turned 18 and feel closely connected. Furthermore, I am lost as to the relevance, also the innuendos, of Latrice having previously not been doing her job many years ago. I have seen many brush-ups with Fox News and other media outlets.

This is the kind of article that should have been used to question what is going on in society where violence is so prevalent. We have seen six or more people get shot over the weekend, fights all over the city.

When it comes to people I am glad that we have in public service, Latrice and her family are on the top of my list.

David Krain


It just doesn't matter

The debate changed everything, but it changed nothing. Romney or Obama, it simply does not matter.

You think there is a difference. Then you vote for people who keep us in a state of perpetual war. You vote for people who support and use paramilitary police against their own citizens, mostly minorities. You meekly accept being searched without probable cause because most people want their safety ensured, no matter what the cost to liberty is. You vote to lock up more people than any other "democracy" in the world. You think that a majority can take whatever they want from anyone "for the greater good." You believe the fairy tale, no matter how much evidence you see in the news every day, that government would be a force for good if your party was in control. You think that the $100 trillion we owe in unfunded entitlements and debt will just go away if we either tax the rich or if your party is elected. You don't believe our debt-based fiat currency will collapse under this massive unpayable burden, even though every other such currency in the history of the world has collapsed. You believe the war on drugs, the 21st century's Jim Crow, will keep your kids from using drugs, in spite of the evidence and your own two eyes, usually as you drink a drug that kills 1,000 times more users than all illegal drugs combined.

When you wake up one day, it will have all collapsed. And you will not blame yourselves. You will blame one of the two parties ... the one you do not identify with. And as Democrats, Republicans and Americans, we will all suffer the consequences.

Paul Lowe


A little bit for PBS

Last year, the American taxpayer gave $4 1/2 million to PBS. Also, the government took in $2 1/2 trillion in taxes. We paid 60 percent of our GNP to the military. Can't we afford $1.50 per person per year to PBS?

Hugh P. McGonigle


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