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Bill Clinton campaigns for President Obama in Las Vegas on Tuesday.
Bill Clinton campaigns for President Obama in Las Vegas on Tuesday. (JULIE JACOBSON / Associated Press)
Posted: October 12, 2012

Don't be fooled by GOP

As I read the commentary "Won't get fooled again" (Oct. 2) by Michael Busler, I could tell his academic field wasn't history or economics. He writes, "But the reality is that while the recession may have been Bush's, the anemic recovery belongs to Obama." History tells us the last financial collapse of this magnitude was the Depression, which lasted a dozen years. What pulled us out of that was the largest government spending program in history: WWII. The current anemic recovery is due in large part to the obstructionism and demand for austerity by the reactionary Republicans. Look at England and the double-dip recession due to the austerity imposed there.

I hope we will not get fooled again by voting in another inept Republican administration.

Roy Lehman, Woolwich Township

With friends like this ...

I reject Michael Busler's opinion piece as disingenuous and hypocritical. He starts by saying, "I like Bill Clinton." Yet Busler says the former president "lied." He accuses him of trying to "snooker us again." And, of course, he calls him "Slick Willy." This is someone who likes Bill Clinton? With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Francis Saba, Philadelphia, francis2520@comcast.net

Failures that led to Libya attack

Why are the media ignoring the blatant failure of the White House to respond appropriately to the recent uprisings in the Middle East ("GOP challenges State Dept. aides on Libyan attack," Thursday)? Are we not due some sort of an apology over the administration's initial insistence that the so-called spontaneous demonstrations were not planned terrorist attacks? Shouldn't someone be fired over the gross misreporting of events? I find the whole scenario, including the Orwellian arrest of film producer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, quite disconcerting.

Sandy LeClare Marcucci, Franklinville, sandraleclare@gmail.com

Spin machine in high gear

The Democratic spin machine is in high gear coming up with excuses for President Obama's poor performance in last week's presidential debate. When will they learn to accept personal responsibility? When you distort the truth, and get called out for your lies, you can't defend them. Remember the pro-Obama TV ad that suggested Mitt Romney was responsible for a woman's death?

It is quite obvious that Romney is a good man who is up against an opposition with a failed record, one that has nothing left to offer but character assassination, divisiveness, and scare tactics.

Mike Sofranko, Coatesville, Sofranko@comcast.net

Ill-defined, changing platform

Whether the writer of the letter "New leadership team needed" (Sunday) actually believes a change is necessary, he must have doubts that Etch A Sketch candidate Mitt Romney could provide the leadership our country deserves. The Romney program has been so ill-defined, and so changeable, that even credible Republican rivals such as former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman have characterized Romney as a "weather vane."

Ben Burrows, Elkins Park

Save the SS United States

Now that there appears to be salvation for the Divine Lorraine, let us focus on the SS United States, moored in the Delaware. ("Divine acquisition may save North Broad," Sunday). This wonder, which set the transAtlantic speed record, should be restored so it can serve as a roving ambassador for our city. While in dock, it can add to our hotel capacity, but at sea it can also have casino capabilities.

Aaron Libson, Philadelphia

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