Tattle: Tattle: Did Bieber fake getting his laptop stolen?

Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe, pictured in 2010, have separated after nine years of marriage.
Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe, pictured in 2010, have separated after nine years of marriage. (PHOTOS: ASSOCIATED PRESS)
Posted: October 15, 2012


We were watching a YouTube video the other day of a dog coming to the rescue of two other dogs in a canoe on a lake, and instead of marveling at the loyalty and bravery of the dog rescuer (as was probably intended) we thought: Why are those two dogs in a canoe? Where are their owners? Why is some clown filming this instead of wading out into the lake and pulling the canoe back to shore?

We sensed a set-up.

But surely Justin Bieber is above such behavior, isn't he?

Maybe not. The Associated Press is asking whether Bieber's laptop was actually stolen during a recent show in Washington state or whether the theft was a stunt to leak Justin's new video.

Ugh. Next people will be saying "The Blair Witch Project" is a fraud, and "Paranormal Activity" is just normal special effects.

But back to Bieber. He tweeted to his nearly 29 million followers that he and his tour manager were victimized during last Tuesday's show at the Tacoma Dome.

But questions were raised Friday when another Twitter user alluded to having the laptop and footage of Beebs, but the account linked to Bieber's new music video (released, ahem, Friday), which starts with text saying personal footage was stolen and uploaded "illegally."

And if you believe that, we have a newspaper to sell you.

Bieber's publicist Melissa Victor says the theft report is true.

"Be very clear, the laptop was indeed stolen in Tacoma. That was NOT a hoax," Victor wrote in an email to the Associated Press.

She did not immediately reply to questions about the release of the music video or whether the Twitter account claiming to have footage of the pop star was connected to publicity. The Twitter user, @gexwy, did not respond to a message from the Associated Press.

Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum said a theft report was filed, but he doesn't foresee police officers spending much time investigating.

"A lot of people got played," he said. "It became a big media frenzy, so I guess that was the idea."

We guess it was too.

Tattle stalkers

Jason Luis Rivera has been sentenced to a year and a half in jail for trespassing at Miley Cyrus' L.A. home.

A jury convicted Rivera of misdemeanor trespassing and resisting arrest one day earlier.

Rivera is 40, so he really should be over Miley by now.

* A New York City judge has dismissed weapons charges against Robert Linhart, a former firefighter who was arrested outside Madonna's apartment building two years ago.

Police say Linhart parked his SUV outside Madonna's Central Park West apartment, laid out a tarp and spray-painted poster boards with love notes. One said, "Tell me yes or no. If it's yes, my dream will come true. If it's no, I will go."

The New York Post reported that Manhattan state Supreme Court Judge Analisa Torres ruled that police improperly seized a gravity knife and an ice pick from Linhart when they arrested him.

A resisting-arrest charge is still pending.

Linhart's lawyer, Lawrence LaBrew, says Linhart maintains his innocence.


* Prosecutors say actress Taryn Manning ("8 Mile," "Hustle & Flow") attacked and choked her personal assistant in a New York City hotel room.

The New York Post and Daily News reported that Manning was arraigned Friday after a fight the day before with assistant Holliann Hartman inside the Dream Hotel in Chelsea.

Taryn is charged with misdemeanor assault.

She spent more than 24 hours in the joint before she was released.

Her lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, says Taryn and the assistant got into a confrontation but it was not an assault. He called it "a little misunderstanding."

Manning is due back in court Nov. 13.

Peter Berg, the creator of TV's

"Friday Night Lights," based on the book by Buzz Bissinger, is accusing Mitt Romney of plagiarizing a phrase from the show to use as a campaign slogan.

Berg wrote a letter to Romney on Friday saying he's "not thrilled" that the Republican presidential candidate is using the phrase "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose" on campaign posters and his Facebook page.

On the "Lights" TV show, a small-town Texas football coach uses the phrase to inspire his players before taking the field.

Berg says in the letter that Romney's politics and campaign aren't aligned with the themes of the TV series.

Berg goes on to thank the governor for supporting the show but says, "Please come up with your own campaign slogan."

* In other Romney celebrity

news, Mitt has gotten the support of Lindsay Lohan.

She's hoping that if he really does create 12 million new jobs, one of them could be for a former child actress who's come upon hard times.

Russell Crowe and his wife

Danielle Spencer have reportedly separated after nine years of marriage. For the sake of their two children, the split was amicable.

No phones were thrown.

Reasons: He's always on the road while she's back in Australia with the kids. And while he's been on the road, she's reportedly been getting close to her partner on the Aussie version of "Dancing with the Stars."

Who knows when the two-step becomes the mattress mambo?

* Prosecutors won't file charges

against "Octomom" Nadya Suleman after a caregiver last month reported allegations of child neglect at her home, authorities in California said Friday.

There's not enough evidence to move forward with the case submitted by the La Habra police department, said Susan Kang Schroeder, chief of staff at the Orange County district attorney's office.

Nadya's manager, Gina Rodriguez, said the allegations came from a woman who became obsessed with Nadya's children. Nadya moved from La Habra in part to avoid the woman, Rodriguez said.

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