Fans: No defense for loss to Lions

Posted: October 15, 2012

Join the conversation after every Eagles game with the Daily News. Send reactions by email to ; use the hashtag #eaglesaftermath on Twitter; or visit the Daily News Facebook page. Here is a sampling after Sunday's 26-23 overtime loss to the Lions.

IT FELT GOOD to be up by 10 in the 4th Qtr, but as the game wound down our defense could not stop the Detroit offense. The tapes of the 3 offensive plays in OT will NOT be sent to Canton. 3 and 3 at the break and this does not look like a team that will make noise in the playoffs. IF they make it. Smells like 8 and 8 again.

- John Braithwaite Jr.,


Outcoached again and this time by the lowly Detroit Lions! Quick, play the standard "We gotta do a better job with that" postgame tape! I think 8 and 8 seems optimistic at this point. At least Arrogant Andy will be gone next season!

- cooperhawk,


The key play in this sloppy game was when Brandon Hughes allowed the tight end to get behind him on the 57-yard pass play with the 10-point lead. It was Michael Lewis all over again, a back, not recognizing the score and the clock and allowing a receiver to get behind him. did the same thing on the ensuing TD. I know there were many deficiencies, but that play let Detroit back in the game.

- retzlaff, on

Their next six games are against Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, Washington, Carolina, and Dallas. If they don't win at least four of those games - goodbye Vick and Reid. The Eagles continue to be overrated and everyone seems to believe it!

- Ron T, on

If a 14-year coach can't close, up 10 with 5:18 to play at home, he doesn't deserve a 15th year (or 14.5)

- Golf4Life, on Twitter

Fumbelina Vick. Who else? Is Reid getting fired this week, Lurie? This team has no chance. Despite, Vick's dynasty team and Vince Young's dream team. They are still a nightmare team. Losers like the rest of the city's teams.

- eaglesman1, on

Don't blame Vick. The defense lost another fourth-quarter lead.

- CCRichards, on

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