Councilman's Jones for his cave ... and Perrier

Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. and wife (and deputy managing director), Jazelle, outside the cave.
Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. and wife (and deputy managing director), Jazelle, outside the cave. (DAN GERINGER / DAILY NEWS STAFF)
Posted: October 16, 2012

Chillin' Wit' is a regular feature of the Daily News spotlighting a name in the news away from the job.

CITY Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. invites Chillin' Wit' for an exclusive visit to his Wynnefield basement Man Cave on one condition: No politics. Just Eagles.

"He's not a councilman here," Jones says, nodding at Bill Green. "And I'm not a councilman, just a person. We can scratch and burp down here. I can be a caveman."

Fellow cavemen also include son Curtis Jones III, brother Keith Jones, chief of staff Al Spivey, Democratic ward leader Lou Agre, and friends Brahin Behlin and Scott Bass.

Jones created his Man Cave by sneaking the two overstuffed couches and the armchair, all covered in brown corduroy, into the basement during the day, when his wife, Jazelle, was at work as deputy city managing director.

"I knew she'd eventually come down to the basement, so I apologized after the fact," Jones says. "She forgave me."

When Eagles quarterback Mike Vick gets pummeled by the Detroit Lions' pass rush, Spivey asks why Vick never throws over the oncoming blitz.

Jones says, "Because he's running for his life, getting concussions on every other play. He's like, 'Aaaah!' " Spivey cracks up.

Jones grabs a Perrier, is reprimanded, grabs a beer instead.

When Green passes on the beef sandwiches in favor of Jazelle Jones' veggie-packed turkey soup, his fellow councilman says, "You don't get points for vegetables in the Man Cave."

When the talk turns to roadtrips and Aunt Sarah's Pancake House, in Virgina, Spivey and Agre discuss using egg whites to make pancake batter airy. Jones says, "If I can't drink Perrier, you can't exchange recipes in the Man Cave."

They stop.


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