Sixers' Andrew Bynum to have another knee injection

The elixir Sixers new center Andrew Bynum will receive this time is Synvisc-One. His agent compared it to WD-40. AP
The elixir Sixers new center Andrew Bynum will receive this time is Synvisc-One. His agent compared it to WD-40. AP (AP)
Posted: October 16, 2012

Coach Doug Collins said Sunday that 76ers center Andrew Bynum will receive another injection in his right knee before the season begins.

Collins was not exactly sure of the specifics of the injection, but Bynum's agent, David Lee, spoke about the treatment later in the day.

"Just look at it as lubrication for his knees," Lee said of the Synvisc-One injection that Bynum will receive. The drug is used to treat knee osteoarthritis.

"He's had them in previous years," Lee said. "Look at it as WD-40, for lack of a better way of explaining it. He gets them at the start of the season, and he gets them at the all-star break. It's noninvasive and has nothing to do with the treatment he received in Germany."

In September, Bynum had injections of platelet-rich plasma in an effort to stimulate healing in arthritis-affected areas in his knees.

Bynum was acquired from the Los Angeles Lakers in a four-team deal in August. He has been held out of 76ers training camp.

The Sixers' shape. After the Sixers lost a 108-105 overtime decision to the Brooklyn Nets Saturday in Atlantic City, Collins said the team has some players who need to get in better shape.

On Sunday during an afternoon practice at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Collins wanted to make it clear that his team is not some poorly conditioned bunch with the start of the season approaching on Oct. 31.

"I think we are overplaying this lagging behind in conditioning; that's not what I said," Collins said. "We've got some guys that I'd like to see get in better condition. We have got to be a better and more highly conditioned team. That doesn't mean we're not in good condition. I want us to be a highly conditioned team. To me, that's a huge difference."

Collins has yet to say any player's name specifically. However, it is clear that Kwame Brown and Lavoy Allen could stand to be better conditioned at this point. Brown suffered a strained calf Sunday and might not be available for Monday's home preseason game against Boston.

Brown has been working to get his weight down, and so has Allen. Collins hopes that Brown will not have a huge setback and can quickly get back to preparing for the season. Allen is heavier than he was last season. Also, he missed some crucial conditioning last week because of the birth of his first child. Both players have been doing extra running in practice.

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