Christies paid $141,158 in federal income taxes

Posted: October 20, 2012

TRENTON - Gov. Christie and his wife paid $141,158 in federal income taxes for 2011 on a combined adjusted gross income of $567,772.

The Christies paid $32,770 in New Jersey taxes for the year, according to filings the governor's office released Thursday afternoon. Their federal tax rate was 24.9 percent; their state rate was 5.7 percent.

The 189 pages of federal and state tax documents were filed with the Internal Revenue Service by Monday, after a six-month extension.

Mary Pat Christie, an investment manager who worked part time for the Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald, earned nearly twice as much as her husband.

The returns show the couple paid $37,585 in property taxes on their Mendham home, gave $26,224 to charity, paid $19,830 for child care, and paid $5,058 in household employment taxes. Their itemized deductions totaled $109,167.

They claimed their four children as dependents and reported $63,256 in capital gains. The governor and his wife both have investment accounts in blind trusts.

The Christies also paid small amounts in taxes to the States of California, Connecticut, and New York on investment-related gains.

Previous tax returns show the couple earned $449,607 in 2010 and $544,047 in 2009.

Christie urged GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to make his tax returns public earlier in the campaign.

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno and her husband, Michael, a judge, paid $69,821 in federal taxes and $14,938 in state taxes on a combined adjusted gross income of $312,196, their returns show.

They claimed $60,658 in itemized deductions, including $32,762 in property taxes and $8,548 in mortgage interest on their Monmouth Beach home. They claimed their three sons as dependents. The returns show they have a rental condominium in Sea Bright.

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