Maybe these people shouldn't own guns

Posted: October 22, 2012

LET'S FACE IT, some Philadelphians probably shouldn't be packing.

The Department of Licenses and Inspections' website, which identified the homes of certain gun owners with a revolver symbol on a map, also provided some interesting legal arguments from residents who were appealing a rejected application or revoked permit. It appears that people are quite prone to "forget" about their criminal history when applying for a gun permit.

The details below were captured from the L&I site in August by Victor Fiorillo at Philadelphia magazine. L&I removed them from the map at the request of police, but they still wound up on the Drudge Report, which boasts 1.9 million daily visitors on weekdays.

* "I didn't remember the two previous arrests."

* "I have never been in jail for more than 2-3 days."

* "I forgot the date of a time I was arrested."

* "I didn't mention the 1985 arrest because I didn't remember it until it was brought to my attention. There are a lot of things in my past I don't remember since my brain surgery three years ago. That's why I was taking up this hobby, because I am no longer able to do my previous hobbies."

* "I, by mistake, checked off that I was never arrested when I indeed had been."

* "I did not know that I had a record for an arrest because I was told at the time it would be expunged. The second time I was released on [my own recognizance] so I assumed that would also be off my record."

* "PFA (protection from abuse order) was vacated on 2-12-2012"

* "The use of my medication has not affected my ability to function normally."

- William Bender

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