Perfect name: They're crispy, and you'll want to strip off the breading

Posted: October 25, 2012

Company description: "These are the chicken strips you'd expect from the chicken experts. Every strip is made from juicy, 100% premium all-white-meat chicken breast, marinated and double-breaded in our special seasonings. They taste good enough to eat on their own or dip them in one of our flavorful sauces."

Chain: KFC.

Calories: Per strip, without dipping sauce: 130, with 7 grams of fat, 28 mgs of cholesterol and a whopping 375 mgs of salt.

Location: The Gallery, 901 Market St.

Order time: Two minutes. P

rice: $19.99 for a bucket of 20.

Review: Since we can't watch 10 minutes of television without seeing a commercial for KFC Dip'ems (chicken fingers with dipping sauce), we decided to see if the Chain Gang, like the guys in the commercial, would leave a hip party full of beautiful people because it's run out of the strips. Uh, no. A variety of Gang members chomped on Crispy Strips this week, and we couldn't agree on much. The white meat chicken was a hit - the strips actually look and taste like chicken - but the breading was deemed too salty, too peppery or too bland. Many loved the strips' serious crunch, but others thought the chicken was overpowered by the breading. One thing almost every taster agreed on was that the Ranch dipping sauce works best because it cuts the breading's taste. The sweet dipping sauces are too sweet and too fake-tasting.

Summary: When it comes to Crispy Strips, KFC may do chicken right, but everything around the chicken is questionable.

Every other Thursday the Chain Gang reviews the latest chain restaurant dishes.

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