Wildwoods getting slammed by Sandy

Posted: October 30, 2012

A howling gray morning saw the raging waters of Hereford Inlet bursting at it seams in North Wildwood.

The inlet, which sits between North Wildwood and Stone Harbor, was rushing through rock walls, bringing piles of dead sea grass, plastic bottles and other debris far up onto lawns.

North Wildwood Mayor Bill Henfey said the morning high tide brought major flooding to back bay areas along Maryland and Delaware avenues and the tide wasn't following normal patterns.

"It just keeps coming," Henfey said. "It's pretty deep already in some parts of the city."

Many backstreets in the Anglesea section of the town had ankle-deep water, with only a few cars passing through. Water was reaching the top steps of many homes and people who didn't move their cars to higher ground had the sea lapping at their doors.

One man in a white pick up truck said he was out scouting the road to see if he could "still get out" along the Route 147 bridge.

"You wanna ride?," the man said.

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