Longport, Margate, Brigantine residents can go back home

Posted: November 01, 2012

Residents of Longport, Margate, and Brigantine are now being allowed back home after Gov. Christie lifted evacuation orders for those towns.

Police are allowing people with proof of home ownership or residency in the towns to return to their homes.

But Ventnor and Atlantic City remain restricted: Residents who stayed behind can leave, but those who left the island cannot return.

At the Margate Bridge Thursday afternoon, streams of cars were both entering and leaving Margate.

But Ventnor Mayor James Bagnell said the city was still attempting to fix an overwhelmed sewer system that has been filled with bay water.

Access to Ventnor will restricted until the sewer problem is fixed, Bagnell said.

"Our guys are on it," he said, adding, "We do not have a time frame right now."

Officials were hopeful that the sewer problem would be resolved by the weekend.

In Longport, police set up concrete barricades at the border with Margate to check the ID of returning residents.

"They're guarding Longport like it's the White House," said a Margate officer a couple of blocks away.

"It's like the Mexican border," said one shop owner in Margate.

Police were asking for identification and proof of residency. For owners of second homes, the proof of residency has to match their ID.

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