To Our Readers: Changes Coming

Posted: November 10, 2012

Starting Monday, The Inquirer converts to a slightly narrower page width, while at the same time enhancing the paper with new content. This is the beginning of an accelerated effort to expand our print and online offerings in the weeks and months ahead.

The physical change to the paper mirrors an industry standard adopted by many large U.S. papers, including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Miami Herald. Others are planning similar conversions that will help their companies as they seek to expand their commercial printing opportunities.

Although the size of the paper is changing, the type size of stories and the size of the comics will not change. Most of the current organization of the paper remains the same, though we have made some significant design and content enhancements to ensure readability and relevance for our valued customers. These include:

Redesigned indexes at the top of each section front to help readers navigate more easily through the paper.

Improved pages for comics, puzzles, and games for easier use.

A new weather page featuring an expanded 10-day forecast, a larger national map, and a new partnership with AccuWeather Inc., one of the premier weather services in the country.

Most important, we are investing in providing even stronger local content, in print and online.

We have increased the size of our staffs in South Jersey and the Pennsylvania suburbs to offer more news from those towns. Over the next few weeks and months, look for a redesign of the Local News sections as well as more news about area communities.

Our Sports section will launch "Sunday Special," a weekly, in-depth feature exploring critical issues in professional, college, and high school sports. On Nov. 18, we'll take an in-depth look at concussions in the NFL. We're also unveiling a new weekly column by Runner's World's Jen A. Miller offering expert advice and insight to our tens of thousands of local runners.

In Sunday Business, readers will find "Philly 50," a new feature comprising the 50 public companies with the largest number of employees in the region. The index constitutes a kind of Philadelphia-based Dow Jones average. The index will be accompanied by a Q&A with a regional chief executive officer.

Also on Sunday, a new column by veteran real estate writer Alan J. Heavens will look at the state of residential real estate by focusing on a single town or area each week. The column will assess market conditions in a community in the Pennsylvania suburbs or South Jersey as well as in neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

And coming early next year will be the launch of, an online site showcasing our award-winning content. Additionally, we will offer a free digital version of the daily Inquirer for all home-delivery subscribers who want to read our print editions on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

We appreciate your loyalty to The Inquirer. We are committed to providing a news report that is indispensable to your lives, your work, and your communities.

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