Reid between lines, time for Andy to go

Posted: November 12, 2012

Join the conversation after every Eagles game with the Daily News. Send reactions by email to ; use the hashtag #eaglesaftermath on Twitter; or visit the Daily News Facebook page. Here is a sampling after Monday night's loss to the Saints.

IF THERE was ever a team that deserves to have the season end it is this Eagles team. They have absolutely zero chance of winning more than a game or so, nor should they even bother trying. The offense is pathetic with the exception of McCoy but he can not do it all and Foles will do better to learn his trade next camp so as not to have him killed with the obvious lack of an offensive line. The defense is a long way from being successful and the special teams stink. The next coach (before Reid is dismissed) to go should be Bobby April - he has shown no ability above the high school level to coach in the NFL.

- Paul Groffie,

Marlton, N.J.

Today was Election Day for Reid. Time for him to start working on his concession speech.

- Kevin Donahue,


Is this a surprise to anybody? The Eagles are a poorly coached team with players that simply are not good enough. Is has gotten to a point where this fan base wants this team to lose so the head coach can finally leave our sight. This loss has officially sent Andy Reid packing and honestly, I think every Eagles fan feels great about that. This franchise needs to be gutted.

- Matthew Elwell,

Sewell, N.J.

It is time to blow this team up when the fans care more about beating the Stinkin' Cowboys than the players do. Coach Reid will now be doing his best Captain Bligh imitation as he walks the blank for these last 7 weeks. The sharks are circling.

- John Braithwaite,


For 14 years we have heard Andy Reid speak of fixing "correctable mistakes." It is clearly time for Jeffery Lurie to correct his mistake of letting his head coach linger through an additional ineffective season.

- Mike Breggar,

Cherry Hill, N.J.

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