Letters to the Editor

Posted: November 14, 2012

Protectionism, Philly-style

In supporting measures by Mayor Nutter and Councilman Bill Green to give preference in hiring and purchasing to city residents and businesses, the editors confess that, "Yes, both initiatives sound like protectionism" ("Good to see city take steps to bring more jobs to town," Saturday). They sound like protectionism because they are protectionism.

Imagine if the surrounding municipalities all adopted similar policies; each would lose the benefit of free trade with its neighbors to the detriment of all. Beggar-thy-neighbor policies like these hurt everyone.

Among the blessings of our Constitution is the free market it created in commerce. Europe has been trying to emulate our open market for decades and still hasn't achieved what we take for granted.

If Philadelphia businesses are so disadvantaged by being in the city that they need preferences to compete, why don't the mayor and City Council do something about those disadvantages instead of erecting more barriers?

Andrew Terhune, Philadelphia

Show of support for police

On behalf of 41,000 active and retired police officers across Pennsylvania, I want to thank the great people of Plymouth Township, Montgomery County, and throughout the region who continue to show such an incredible outpouring of support and love for the family of fallen hero Brad Fox of the Plymouth Township Police Department ("Eloquence and grandeur honor officer," Sept. 20). Countless individuals have contacted the local and state Fraternal Order of Police, simply asking what they could do to help.

It's been inspiring to see fund-raisers being held to benefit Fox's family. One business, Valley Forge Casino Resort, called to ask how it could help and made a substantial donation. In addition, the resort will host a comedy show at 8 p.m. Nov. 30 to benefit Fox's family.

Police officers go to work every day knowing it could be their last. I speak for all police officers when I say that it's good to know that the efforts of law enforcement, and the sacrifices made, are appreciated.

Les Neri, president, Fraternal Order of Police, Pennsylvania State Lodge, Harrisburg, lneri@pafop.com

Send Eagles a message

Why not send Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie a real message about his subpar product?

Given the seat count for the Linc is about 67,000, and the average spending for parking, hot dogs, beer, etc., for a game, is at least $40 per thick head, imagine if there were a mass fan no-show? Deprive Lurie of some revenue for the next three or four games and he'll jettison Andy Reid and anyone else who continues to undermine the product.

The fans have to wake up and exercise their real power. Don't spend the money. What's so difficult to understand about that? I side with the writer of the letter "Donate price of football tickets" (Friday), but also make Lurie pay for his unwillingness to do what has to be done.

Mike Haggarty, Glen Mills

Losing efforts

After observing the political and sports scene for the last month in Philadelphia, I wonder if the Eagles could beat the Republicans.

Fran Steffler, Philadelphia, fsteffler@aol.com

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