Eagles Notes: Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy recovering from concussions

Posted: November 20, 2012

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and running back LeSean McCoy both have concussions, and both are at the first stage of a five-step process to return to the field.

Vick, who sustained his concussion on Nov. 11 against the Cowboys, is still below baseline of the IMPACT exam that tests cognitive functioning. McCoy suffered his concussion in the waning minutes of Sunday's 31-6 loss to the Redskins.

Neither player can return to the field until they pass a series of tests. Coach Andy Reid said that Vick is "improving" and will start at quarterback if he's healthy enough to play.

McCoy's concussion is not believed to be as severe as Vick's, which Reid labeled as "pretty significant" last week. He is resting at his family's home in Harrisburg, according to a source close to McCoy.

"It didn't seem to be quite as bad just from where he was after the game and his response," Reid said. "He took a good lick there, and we've got to make sure we go through the protocol. We'll see how things go."

The hit that caused the concussion came with 1 minute, 45 seconds remaining and the Eagles trailing by 25 points. After the game, Reid defended the use of McCoy because he said the Eagles were trying to get back in the game. On Monday, he elaborated, saying he didn't want to quit.

"These guys want to play. They want to win the game. They want to get better. They want to show that they're all in, and so there's a fine line there," Reid said. "And then as coaches, you want to make sure the guys know that you're all in, too. With that, I don't regret it. It happened. Do I wish he wouldn't have been hurt? Yeah, I do wish he wouldn't have been hurt, but I don't regret that."

Why no playmakers?

On a third and 5 in the second quarter of Sunday's game, the Eagles lined up five wide receivers. Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy were not among them. The play resulted in an incomplete pass to tight end Brent Celek, and the Eagles were forced to punt.

"Somewhere in there you rest your players, so we had a couple different personnel groups where we could do that," Reid said. "We weren't successful on it, but we had kids on there that we thought we had good matchups with and what we wanted to do with the play."

The Eagles coaching staff has been criticized in the past for overthinking plays and situations. Asked if that play was an example, Reid disagreed.

"When they don't work, yeah, that can be questioned, I'm sure," Reid said. "But we felt that was the right thing to do. I don't think we were overthinking it. It didn't work out."

Hurt but ready to go

Wide receiver Riley Cooper has knee inflammation but is expected to play this week.

Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins has a foot sprain but is also expected to play.

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Staff writer Jeff McLane contributed to this article.

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