Has someone stolen your house?

Posted: November 21, 2012

IF YOU SUSPECT that someone has forged a deed and stolen your house, here's what to do:

*  Get a copy of the deed or mortgage for your property, by mail or in person, from the Department of Records, room 154, City Hall.

*  File a report with the Police Department.

*  Get a real-estate lawyer to assist you in filing a civil complaint called an "Action to Quiet Title" and notify the Records Department. Real-estate attorneys can cost thousands of dollars, so to find help, call Philadelphia Bar Association's Lawyer's Referral and Information Services line at 215-238-6333 or Community Legal Services at 215-227-2400. If you wish to represent yourself, contact the Prothonotary's Office at 215-686-8863.

* Contact the district attorney's economic and cybercrime unit at 215-686-9902.

* Contact the city's Office of Consumer Affairs at 215-686- 7598 or go to Room 167 in City Hall for help alerting potential buyers.

*  If you have title insurance, contact your insurer right away.

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