Mirror, Mirror: Skinny Minnie is still one fine mouse

The tiresome Chris Brown: What kind of spokesman for the good life is he?
The tiresome Chris Brown: What kind of spokesman for the good life is he? (JOHN SHEARER / Invision)
Posted: November 22, 2012

A week in review of "Mirror Image," Elizabeth Wellington's blog.

Minnie, thin but cute

(Friday, Nov. 16)

It may be controversial, but the "Electric Holiday" window at Barneys New York featuring a Minnie Mouse video is just too cute.

Here is the plot in a nutshell: Minnie goes to Paris and spots a to-die-for Lanvin dress in a store window. The ruffled, strapless frock sends Minnie into a daydream that includes not just her animated buddies, but animated versions of some of the fashion industry's heavy hitters. Minnie is photographed by Steven Meisel, and celebs Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, and Naomi Campbell sit in the front row of the Disney characters' runway show along with fashion journalist Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune and Franca Sozzani of Italian Vogue.

Tinkerbell sprinkles some fairy dust, turning Minnie, Daisy, Mickey, and Goofy into tall, thin fashion models who walk the runway. Daisy Duck rocks Dolce & Gabbana while Princess Tiana opts for Proenza Schouler. Mickey Mouse struts in Balenciaga.

The film had a drama-filled debut when body-image advocates protested the too-skinny renderings of our familiar cartoons, saying they sent a skinny-at-any-cost message. Thousands signed an online petition. The images may have been taller and thinner than what we are used to, but I think it was in a healthy, curvier way.

In the end, Mickey surprises Minnie by buying her the coveted dress, proving that he loved her just as she was.

Who is she wearing?

(Friday, Nov. 16)

I have to admit I'm obsessed with Jill Kelley's closet. Sadly, there is a chance I'll never learn the designers of her phenomenal dresses.

Fashion designers "will never admit it," said my friend Sean General, a New York fashion insider. "They just don't want their names connected with this kind of scandal" - the investigation of David Petraeus that Kelley triggered.


Still, the hot-pink sheath she wore leaving her Tampa, Fla., home Nov. 13 is absolutely beautiful. She expertly paired her shoes with silver sparkles. But just because the 37-year-old mother of three has fabulous fashion taste, it doesn't mean she has fabulous judgment. The woman is flat broke. And the Los Angeles Times reported that Kelley's thin resume, troubled family, and shaky finances have gained her a reputation as a "Tampa Kardashian."

Still, I'll be label-watching.

Q&A with designer Monica Botkier

(Thursday, Nov. 15)

Monica Botkier is known for her simple yet luxe bags in monochromatic tones. Her first bag was the Trigger satchel, known for its roomy, deep pockets. Retailing for about $650 to $1,000, her accessories are known for being "affordable" "it" bags.

I caught up with Botkier before she appeared at a "Girls Night Out" event at the Delaware boutique Peter Kate for a little timely style Q&A.

Question: Tell me about your background.

Answer: I was a fashion photographer in NYC and fell in love with accessories. Having an art background and being obsessed with leather, with the skins I collected when making my portfolio books, I decided to create my own handbags. It took off immediately when models and editors asked where they could get my bag!

Q: What inspires you?

A: Photography is a big inspiration for me; I collect photo and art books. I am also inspired by leather and jewelry, especially vintage pieces. The women in NYC with their individual style always inspire.

Q: What makes your bags so special?

A: Form and fashion meets function. Botkier bags are always chic with an edge but practical and wearable. We understand the modern woman is fabulous but busy.

Q: What makes the bigger statement: the dress or the accessory?

A: It's all in the details for me. The dress is obviously the focal point, however, it's the accessory that makes the statement about who you are.

Q: What's the must-have accessory for the holidays?

A: Sparkle metallic (my personal favorite) and brights. I adore our Valentina party bag - it's a frame clutch that can be worn cross-body. Great gift, perfect to go out in, and isn't seasonal even though it's perfect for the holidays.

Would you buy it?

(Thursday, Nov. 15)

In why-won't-he-just-go-away news, Chris Brown signed a contract with Wilhelmina Models' artist management division.

I used to like C-Breezy. But he's so rude, so angry, and so unnecessarily tattooed that I don't think he'd be a great spokesman for the happier things in life: fragrances, fine wine, great-fitting jeans. Nope, it's just not working for me.

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