Letters: A reader's view of SEPTA brass

Posted: January 03, 2013

RE: "SEPTA IDIOT blew protocol" (Helen Ubiñas column, Dec. 28).

Ms. Ubiñas, all I can say is: Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, where the sense of responsibility for our conduct and mutual obligation to our neighbors was long ago buried and replaced by the overworked mantra of "me first, everyone else, never." That, sadly, serves as marching orders for large segments of rude, disrespectful, intolerant members of American society.

If you are waiting for SEPTA to take any action, I would not hold my breath. I worked for months to get a group of SEPTA management personnel to arrive at the Erie station on the Broad Street Line in order to address longstanding problems that potentially endangered riders' lives.

When management finally realized I was serious, they sent a whole group of people to the station to see what was going on. What made my efforts successful was my documenting - time, date, place, personnel, et al - all the events which should never have occurred, along with my having made "friends" with one of the women in the ticket booth.

She realized I was trying to help her, and others, whose complaints to management and supervisors automatically fell on deaf ears or were conveniently buried. I even engaged her help to make complaints, while I stood there, so I could document in writing that nothing was done. Some nights I stood for more than two hours in the station, waiting for a supervisor to show up and address certain problems, which only supervisors have the authority to fix!

I made sure my friend in the ticket booth received copies of my letters to management, so SEPTA managers could not pretend they were never told.

I had to explain to her that her supervisors and management could ignore her, but they could not ignore me. All the fawning and apologies proved that to her, when everyone showed up at the station to meet me, and I made sure that she was on duty to meet with "the brass," whom I forced to attend that "underground" meeting. Getting them out of their cozy offices is most important.

When it comes to the safety of passengers and to the law, SEPTA management should be immediately responsive. They are not . . . because no one demands that they be diligent and the corporate culture is such that passengers and the public - who pay SEPTA personnel's salaries and thereby guarantee them jobs - are not even on management's "radar."

Joan Lichtman


Boo for the Democrats

I hear all of these people screaming about the school closings. I don't know what their problem is - after all, it has been they who have voted the same political party in power for over 60 years.

They have been told over and over that the Democrats don't really care about them. But they don't listen. Imagine how much money they have wasted over the last 60 years.

Then they yell about not wanting their kids going into bad neighborhoods. If you watch the news, there doesn't appear to be any good neighborhoods like there used to be.

And now for something entirely different: Great choice for the new secretary of state. John Kerry served in Vietnam, you know. Then came back and lied about all the atrocities he had seen. Can you image what kind of lies he will be telling foreign governments?

Tom Bell


A stinking farewell

The Eagles season finale was a dog with fleas as they religiously followed their 2012 script, rolling over and playing dead at the first sign of adversity after the Giants punched them in the nose with 21 first-quarter points.

The Birds just plain did NOT show up on Sunday. They played like garbage start to finish, showing no effort, no heart, no fight, no pride, nothing. They looked like they didn't even want to be on the field to send Andy Reid out the door with a win. Instead they dropped a 10-megaton stink bomb for all to see.

I'm no fan of Reid, but he deserved better than what he had to endure on Sunday. As far as I'm concerned, this kennel of pathetic mutts can't be euthanized fast enough to suit me.

Jeffrey C. Branch


Why Meek is trapped

Are you kidding me? Meek Mill "is caught in the trap of our court system . . . " (letter, Dec. 20).

Last time I checked, you are not supposed to be in our court system. So he has turned his life around. Whoopee! What about the millions of people who don't end up in our court system? Whoopee for them!

He is tied to the city because he can't follow the law and the rules they set for him because he broke the law. Whose fault is that? People should stop crying and take responsibility for their actions.

Bobby LaVelle


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