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De Palma
De Palma
Posted: January 18, 2013

PHILLY-RAISED director Brian De Palma is reteaming with his old "Scarface" star, Al Pacino, to take on the story of Penn State coach Joe Paterno, reports Deadline.

The project, titled "Happy Valley," will be based on the book Paterno by Joe Posnanski. Dave McKenna, who wrote "American History X" and "Blow," will write the script, ensuring that there is absolutely no subtlety in it at all.

Paterno was the legendary coach of the Nittany Lions until the public became aware of his involvement in the pedophilia scandal involving Worst Person Hall of Fame member Jerry Sandusky. Paterno died last January. Pacino - who's set to play the veteran coach in the film, which he's also co-producing - became attached to the Paterno project last September.

Rose by any other name

Did Philly's own Amber Rose tie the knot and not tell anyone?

TMZ caught up with the former South Philly gal while she was out shopping in Los Angeles. The kind paparazzi, whom the very pregnant Rose clearly knew, handed her a bar of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ice cream. The hip-hop honey excitedly grabbed the dessert treat and said, "My husband loves Ninja Turtles."

Husband, huh? Rose has been dating rapper Wiz Khalifa for some time, and things are clearly serious considering Rose's occupied womb. Although there were rumors the two tied the knot, it hadn't been confirmed until now.

Still, we're skeptical. Rose, former girlfriend of Kanye West, loves the spotlight, and we're thinking she might have wanted a high-profile wedding rather than a quick and quiet elopement. Maybe she's just taking the "hubby" terminology out for a test drive before getting the keys to the car?

We still love this Pennsylvania love story. We've established Rose is Philly-born and -raised, and Khalifa used to call Pittsburgh home. They truly are the Keystone Couple.

Bigelow: Torture, no

Kathryn Bigelow, director of Academy Award-nominated "Zero Dark Thirty," was blasted for the portrayal of torture in her excellent nail-biter about the hunt for Osama bin Laden. (Seriously, get yourself to a theater if you haven't seen it.) In Tuesday's Los Angeles Times, Bigelow set the record straight on how she felt about torture, which figures into key scenes in the beginning of the movie.

"As a lifelong pacifist, I support all protests against the use of torture, and, quite simply, inhumane treatment of any kind," Bigelow wrote. "But I do wonder if some of the sentiments alternately expressed about the film might be more appropriately directed at those who instituted and ordered these U.S. policies, as opposed to a motion picture that brings the story to the screen."

For the record, we didn't think "Zero Dark Thirty" was necessarily pro-torture. Instead, it was a meticulously researched account of a strong woman who found her man - bin Laden - by doing tireless research and by staying strong in a male-dominated field.

Jeremy Renner, the man Bigelow made a star by casting him in her 2008 best-picture winner, "The Hurt Locker," is expecting his first child. But Renner is keeping mum on the mama. An Us Weekly source says mom is an ex-girlfriend of Renner's who is staying at Renner's L.A. home.

Diplo weighs in

Diplo, a/k/a Thomas Wesley Pentz, producer, DJ, label owner, mastermind behind Major Lazer and Temple grad, took to Twitter Wednesday to, much like President Obama, discuss his thoughts on gun control.

"If thomas jefferson + the founding home boys knew we would kill children with assault rifles they probably would [have] reconsidered 2nd amendment . . . But in 1776 tyranical [sic] govt was an issue. In 2012 its mental health . . . everyone trying to say they need guns to protect themselves from the govt. Have fun with ur assault rifle when they drop a nuke on ur house . . . We need to give our kids nukes to protect them from other kids. Nukes for everyone!"

Look at our boy Diplo, getting all political up in here! Could this point to a future role as an activist or politician for the Philly-fied superstar of the music world? Or maybe he'll just keep posting pictures on his Twitter feed of hot girls doing handstands.

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Howard Gensler had the day off.

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