Imagine that, Te'oing the latest viral craze

Posted: January 18, 2013

FROM TEBOWING to Kaepernicking to Te'oing.

The Internet was all atwitter Thursday with shots of guys posing with their arms around imaginary girlfriends.

The fun started quickly after Deadspin revealed that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o allegedly had fabricated a story about a girlfriend who had died of leukemia.

That story is still unfolding, but Te'oing photos went viral almost immediately after the news broke.

Most of the shots involve guys sitting on couches, their arms around non-existent hotties.

But some are pretty clever. One of the funniest involves a guy standing in the rain while holding an umbrella over his dream date. Or is that dreamed-up date?

In another, a dude is sitting at a restaurant table sipping a drink with two straws while extending his arm around his invisible sweetheart.

In other news, the Daily News has learned that Te'o, being called the Lyin' Hawaiian by some, missed several key tackles in the BCS loss to Alabama because he was distracted by his girlfriend, who was sitting in Section 103.

Hey, it's as good an explanation as any.

Explorers in spotlight

It was good to see La Salle men's basketball get a little nationaly publicity.

The Explorers were awarded the No. 9 spot in SportsCenter's top 10 plays for their four successive dunks against Dayton Wednesday night.

Ramon Galloway had three and Jerrell Wright the other.

Star-less season

The 1967, '92, '97 and '98 NHL All-Star Games were played on this date.

This will be the third season the All-Star Game will be canceled because of a lockout. And there won't be one next season because of the Winter Olympics.

The 1992 game was played at the Spectrum. Brett Hull was named MVP after recording two goals and an assist to lead the Campbell Conference to a 10-6 win over the Wales.

The Flyers' Rod Brind'Amour played for Wales.

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