Insider Transactions

Posted: January 29, 2013

Securities trades recently reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission by officers, directors and principal shareholders of corporations based or having sizable employment in the Philadelphia area. Titles are as reported to the SEC.


John D. Craig, chief executive officer, sold 125,000 shares at $40.33 on Jan. 16, and now directly holds 353,189 shares.

Epam Systems Inc.

Arkadiy Dobkin, chief executive officer, sold 16,000 shares at $20.00 to $20.03 Jan. 11 to Jan. 14, and now directly holds 4,619,400 shares.

Karl Robb, director and beneficial owner, sold 30,000 shares at $20.01 to $20.11 Jan. 11 to Jan. 14, and now directly and indirectly holds 479,501 shares.

Inovio Biomedical Corp.

Morton Collins, director, bought 100,000 shares at $0.67 on Jan. 15, and now indirectly holds 565,864 shares.

Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc.

Garrett E. Pierce, director, sold 946 shares at $12.39 on Jan. 14, and now directly holds 87,701 shares.

National Penn Bancshares Inc.

Christian F. Martin IV, director, bought 1,030 shares at $9.71 on Jan. 17, and now directly holds 455,530 shares.

Photomedex Inc.

Dolev Rafaeli, chief executive officer, sold 173,321 shares at $15.00 Jan. 10 to Jan. 15, and now directly holds 2,373,130 shares.

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