Letters: It's a trashy way to treat citizens

STAFF FILE PHOTO Don't put your trash on the curb too early. A reader learned that the city stands ready to fine you $50.
STAFF FILE PHOTO Don't put your trash on the curb too early. A reader learned that the city stands ready to fine you $50.
Posted: January 29, 2013

AS A LIFELONG resident of this city I have seen and heard of a lot of things. What happened to me recently made me so mad that I wanted to get up and just leave this city. I received a $50 citation for putting out my trash early. Are you kidding me? The fact that the city wastes time and money on something like this is absurd.

OK, so I find out that trash is not allowed out until after 7 p.m. and I put mine out around noon the day before. The reason is, I worked 2-11 that day and didn't want to have to do it at 11:30 when I got home. I wonder how many people even know this law?

The frustration got worse as I tried to call somebody and find out what this was all about. Called the number on the ticket and was told, "You have two options, pay it or contest it." OK, getting nowhere quick. Called the Mayor's Office and they connected me to 3-1-1. Received a complaint number and was told I would receive a call from the city . . . still waiting. Called my City Council member, Curtis Jones, next. I did receive a call back from his staff member, Joshua Cohen, and he told me he would look into it and call me back. He did not call me back but emailed me with a response saying "the supervisor" deems it necessary to leave this as a citation and not a warning.

So, the city wants to fine me for putting out my trash early - OK. Who can I fine when my trash is late, or isn't picked up at all? And let's not forget all the times they throw trash and recyclables in the same truck. If we don't separate our trash, guess what? Another fine. Last week, due to the holiday, our trash was collected a day late, with the employees getting overtime. And they wonder why they can't balance the budget.

On that particular day, according to the "trash laws," I was wrong. Thank you, Officer Johnson, and your so-called "supervisor" for fleecing me out of $50. Just wondering if this is enforced citywide; I think I know the answer.

The mayor, whom I supported and encouraged to run, should be ashamed of himself. Nice to see my hard-earned tax dollars doing something productive. Thank you, Michael Nutter!

Chris Solarski


The right to dress

I am writing in response to the recent opinion piece on Muslim women's dress ("True Liberation: Why Muslim women dress the way they do," by Aliya Z. Khabir, Jan. 24). I am not Muslim or a woman, and I am sensitive to the arguments against face-coverings. They can often be a security issue, and were not mentioned in the Scripture verses offered.

However, the rest of the coverings are reasonable. In a country where a woman's right to choose is so important, it seems un-Christian to deny these women the right to dress as they wish.

I have concerns about how the Muslim faith around the world views women, but to deny these same women the right to choose their own dress here in America just seems wrong and un-American (and un-Christian).

Jeff Armstrong

Rehoboth, Del.

Gun control and crime

Does any intelligent person really believe that gun control will stop violent crime? Do they think the criminals will abide by the law? Let's get real. Chicago and Washington, D.C., have very strict gun-control laws. Check their murder rates.

Let's be honest; this is just another plot by the government to take control of us.

Patricia Dougherty


What Obama's up to

I see that President Obama has finally stated his agenda for his second term.

From what I heard, he reversed Abe Lincoln; and it is now "of the government, by the government and for the government."

He also is going to replace all of the workers who used to make a decent wage with workers from that country from south of the border.

He might also try to outlaw heterosexual marriage, as soon as he has taken all of our guns away.

Also, keep an eye on your net pay checks, if you get one. Because the Democrats have just started confiscating everyone's money.

Hey, did you see and hear all of the buttering-up of Hillary Clinton? They tried to make it look as if they were going to back her to run in 2016.

I hope she remembers the last time she thought she had it sewed up - until they stabbed her in the back with an Obama dagger. Would that have been " et tu, Bill?"

Of course, they will probably come up with a homosexual Mexican/Asian transgender person to be the nominee.

Unless Barack doesn't try to run for a third term.

Tom Bell


Was it real, or . . .

Forget Beyoncé. The latest conspiracy theory is that Obama lip-synched his inauguration speech.

Jim Acton


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