Dear Abby: Co-ed fears parents' response to boyfriend she met online

Posted: February 03, 2013

DEAR ABBY: I'm a 20-year-old college student with a great job, life ambitions and parents who love me.

A few months ago I met a wonderful young man who is in the Army. We met on the Internet, communicated online for several weeks, then took the next step to meet in person. "Jack" is 10 years older than I am and has a son from a previous marriage.

I did a background check and everything he told me is true. But I'm afraid to introduce him to my parents. They are leery about people meeting on the Internet. They also want me to meet a guy closer to my age.

How do I proceed with this?

- Determined in the Southwest

DEAR DETERMINED: If you want your parents to accept Jack, you must give them an opportunity to get to know him - and the same applies to you because this romance is fresh.

As you communicate with your parents, start mentioning Jack. Tell them he is a member of the military and how you met. Meeting someone on the Internet these days is nothing to be ashamed of.

The longer you continue keeping his existence a secret, the more concerned and disappointed your parents will be when you spring him on them. They will want to meet him and you should introduce him. After that, the selling job will be his.

DEAR ABBY: Most people recognize chest pain as a symptom of heart attack. But did you know that a feeling of "doom" or back pain could also be signs of a heart attack?

My mother, age 87, suddenly developed back pain that the usual over-the-counter pain pills couldn't stop. Two days later, the pain moved to her chest, and that's when we took her to the emergency room. We would have gotten her there two days sooner if anyone had told us that heart attack pain could begin in the back. Please, Abby, let your readers know these other symptoms.

- Thankful Reader in Oklahoma

DEAR THANKFUL: Forewarned is forearmed. I'm printing your helpful letter for all to see. Thank you.

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