Phillies tickets: Sale looms, plan now

Posted: February 06, 2013

Next week, a mad rush will ensue as the Phillies put single-game tickets on sale.

A few desirable dates, like Red Sox games and fireworks nights, could sell out quickly, and others could see supplies dwindle to less desirable seats.

By acting or planning now, fans might avoid disappointment come Feb. 13.

That's because, thanks to new offerings added Friday, every game is already available through plans with as few as three or six games, according to John Weber, the club's director of sales and ticket operations.

Yes, even the Red Sox and fireworks - now part of Three Game Packs - and Opening Day, part of a new Six Game Pack.

Full-season plans - which include every game - also became available a couple of weeks ago.

Here's a kind of game plan to consider.

1. Decide about Opening Day. The home opener, Friday, April 5, vs. Kansas City, is the only game unavailable during single-game ticket sales. Besides a full-season plan, you have two options: The Opening Day Six Game Pack (pick five others, including two other April games, from three lists) or a drawing called the Opening Day Ticket Opportunity. Sign up by Friday, Feb. 22, and you could win the right to purchase up to four tickets for the game. Opening Day is not part of the partial-season 14-game or 17-game plans.

(Note: If you're really eager to see a game at Citizen Bank Park, two exhibition games, March 29 and 30 vs. Toronto, are already on sale as individual games.)

2. Consider having friends or family share. One way to cut costs while increasing options is to split a plan. A 14-game plan (13 Sundays and a preseason exhibition game at Citizens Bank Park) could be like two 7-game plans. A Six Pack could be like three two-game buys.

3. Decide on Red Sox, bobblehead games and fireworks. These are among the games most likely to sell out Feb. 13. But the risk of getting shut out can be eliminated by buying a Three Game Pack now. Unfortunately, each three-pack includes just one of these: Boston Red Sox (May 29 or 30), Carlos Ruiz bobblehead giveaway (June 4), fireworks (July 11 or 12), and Cole Hamels bobblehead giveaway (Aug. 21). You have to add two other games from many, but not all, other dates, including various giveaways and special promotions.

4. Think of the kids. It's easy to put together a Three Game Pack aimed at the small fry. Start with a bobblehead, fireworks game, or summer Saturday (like Kids Run the Bases on June 22), and add two from Kids Opening Night (April 6, Jimmy Rollins gold glove trophy to those 14 and under), Ryan Howard Wiffle Ball and Bat giveaway (April 7), Phanatic's Birthday (April 22, with free DVD), Phanatic's Children's Book giveaway (May 31), Kids Run the Bases on Aug. 8), and Back to School Giveaway (Aug. 25). There's also a Six Pack that includes any six games from a list.

5. Check out other games with freebies or themes. Popular dates are Mother's Appreciation Day (Sunday, May 5, with a Chase Utley tote bag for women 15 and over), Father's Appreciation Day (Sunday, June 2), Alumni Night (Aug. 2, with visits by ex-Phils), Fan Appreciation Day (Sept. 22), and Dollar Dog Nights (April 9 and 22, June 17, Aug. 19, Sept. 2 and 16).

It's doable to select a Pick 'Em Six Pack that includes all of the above - the mom and dad games, Alumni Night (or Wall of Fame Night), Fan Appreciation Day, and a Dollar Dog Night or two.

There are also games that celebrate various ethnic groups including (Asian Pacific Celebration, April 23), Irish Heritage Night (May 17), Italian Heritage Celebration (July 30), and Latino Family Celebration (Sept. 7).

Check out the latest list of giveaways and special promotions. It's not a final list, because about five additions could still be made, according to promotions director Scott Brandeth.

6. Get ready for single-game sales. If you opt to avoid the multi-game plans, but still want tickets, get ready to get into gear early on Feb. 13. Tickets will be sold, starting at 8:30 a.m., online through, by calling 215-463-1000, or at the ticket windows on the west side of the ballpark.

The ballpark experience can be fun and friendly (if you don't mind the cold), since the Phanatic and ballgirls show up, and Majestic Clubhouse Store usually has free food and drink, as well as discounts on merchandise. But forget about being among the first in line unless you arrive the afternoon or evening before.

Ps. Note the day-of-game option. By the time a particular game rolls around, even if it's sold-out, some folks can still get in (without buying tickets on the secondary market). As in past years, the club will make about 500 standing-room-only tickets available at the ballpark, hours before each home game.

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