Porn site makes Patriots' Gronkowski an offer

Posted: February 08, 2013

SOME GUYS have all the luck. is offering to match Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski's base salary of $3.75 million if he films a sex scene with porn star Bibi Jones.

Why Jones? Well, the two have a fleeting relationship of sorts.

In 2011, Jones posted photos of her and Gronk on her Twitter account.

Apparently, Jones is planning a comeback in the adult film business - who knew she was gone? - and wants Gronk to help relaunch her career.

A news release from the site reads: "In light of Bibi Jones' return to performing in adult films, would like to offer Rob Gronkowski a chance to perform with her in a scene once his forearm has healed."

One question: What does his forearm have to do with it?

Flacco's bad call

NFL Films' microphones picked up some cool sound bites from Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco during the Super Bowl.

Apparently, on the game's final free kick to the 49ers, Flacco was overheard telling teammates on the sideline that they should tackle return man Tedd Ginn Jr. if it looked as if he were going to score.

At one point, Flacco asked center Matt Birk to do the dirty work.

"Why can't you," Birk asked.

"I will, I'm going to," replied Flacco.

As it turned out, Ginn was tackled after returning the ball to the 50 and the Ravens won, 34-31.

It would not have been a good idea for any of the Ravens on the sidelines to tackle Ginn.

If they did, the officials could - and probably would - have awarded the 49ers a touchdown.

An end around

Alex Collins is going to Arkansas after all.

On Wednesday, the high school running back from Florida watched as his mom tried to stop him from becoming a Razorback by grabbing his letter of intent and running from the school with it.

On Thursday, he got the necessary parental consent.

From his father.

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