Tattle: Chris Brown, Drake uncork lawsuits over bottle-throwing brawl

Posted: February 15, 2013

IT FEELS as if this has been Chris Brown month in Tattle, with his fight with Frank Ocean, his Grammy coziness with Rihanna and his run-in with Adele, who did or didn't yell at him.

Now he's again back in the nonnews.

TMZ.com reports that Brown and Drake are suing each other over their bottle-throwing fight last June at W.I.P. nightclub in the Big Apple.

French model Romain Julien filed suit first - against Brown, Drake and the club - over Julien's own injuries, and now Brown and Drake are finger-pointing the litigious way.

Neither one claims he was responsible for the fight and says it's the other one's responsibility to pay damages if Julien wins his suit.


* The Detroit Free Press is hinting

that Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and superhot Sports Illustrated swimsuit model cover girl Kate Upton may no longer be an item.

The SI curse strikes again.

* Another SI

swimsuit cover model who may soon be free is Chrissy Teigen.

According to the New York Daily News, she has been engaged to Penn alum John Legend since 2011, and has given him until the end of 2013 to marry her.

"If it's not this year, I'm out," she said.

* Rapper Jim Jones has been arrested after allegedly becoming belligerent with police in the New Jersey town where he lives.

NorthJersey.com reports that Jones was charged Wednesday in Fair Lawn with disorderly conduct and with hindering apprehension.

Police say they were questioning Jones about a ticketed vehicle they were trying to tow. Jones agreed to pay the fee but allegedly became upset when questioned about prior warrants for failing to shovel a sidewalk and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Sheesh, you must lose a lot of street cred as a rapper if the best the cops have on you is failure to shovel a sidewalk.

Richard Burton will receive a

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 1, St. David's Day.

Burton's star, commemorating his career and the 50th anniversary of "Cleopatra," will go next to the star of his great love, Elizabeth Taylor.

Given some of the slackers on that street, how could Richard Burton not already have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

* Millions of people have

watched Maggie Smith on "Downton Abbey." But she's not one of them.

Smith, who portrays Lady Grantham in the popular PBS series, told "60 Minutes" that she hasn't watched the drama, because doing so would only make her agonize over her performance. She said she may watch it someday.

* Tattle can't prove this, but we

bet that Maggie Smith also has never watched Penn alum Whitney Cummings' E! talk show "Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings.

That's why E! canceled it after 12 weeks.

Next to be canceled: Her eponymous NBC sitcom, "Whitney."

But no worries. "2 Broke Girls," the CBS sitcom she created, is a hit.

* Fashion designer Anand Jon

Alexander has pleaded guilty in New York City to molesting a woman he baited with the promise of modeling work.

Alexander admitted Thursday to one count of criminal sexual act. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

He already was convicted in California of similar charges and was sentenced there to 59 years to life.

He also is facing new charges in Texas.

* New York City police said

Thursday that they had been called to Katie Couric's Manhattan home several times recently because of 9-1-1 calls traced to a phone listed there. The 9-1-1 operator hears only static, but police are compelled to answer each call.

The calls come on Tuesdays at 2 a.m., as Couric told an audience at her talk show's taping this week.

According to the New York Daily News, the phone making the 9-1-1 calls belonged to Jay Monahan, Katie's late husband.

Monahan died in 1998.

And so becomes the inspiration for a new Japanese horror film that will be remade two years later in English.

* "Sesame Street" is closing in

on the kind of rarefied digital milestone usually reserved for the likes of pop stars and cat videos. The long-running children's show will soon pass 1 billion views on YouTube.

Hey, toddlers, can you count to a billion?

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