Molly Eichel: TV doc to aid these Philly losers

Posted: February 19, 2013

DR. IAN SMITH, the M.D. rocking the TV, will help 65 SEPTA drivers, Philly police officers and firemen lose weight on the " Steve Harvey Show" at 2 p.m. Monday on NBC 10.

Smith, who rose to prominence on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club," hooked up with SEPTA through his cousin Maxine Dobbins, who has worked at SEPTA for 22 years. Dobbins started the six-week diet program outlined in Smith's new book, Shred: The Revolutionary Diet, in November and has lost 17 pounds so far. One hundred twenty SEPTA employees are now dieting the Smith way, all organized by Dobbins. Only a handful were on the "Steve Harvey Show" segment, filmed at the National Constitution Center.

"Everyone is encouraging each other to stay on it, or be mindful of the portion sizes," Dobbins said. "There are [recipes for] shakes in the back of book, and you can always hear someone's blender going at any time."

Smith and the "Steve Harvey Show" will revisit the weight-losers to check on their progress over six weeks. The goal is for the 65 locals to collectively lose 1,000 pounds.

The diet plan, which Smith originally sent out to a handful of friends, focuses on spacing out meals throughout the day and calorie confusion, so the body doesn't get used to ingesting the same amount of calories over and over again.

Smith sees cities as tough spots to lose weight. "There is a lot of temptation in cities," Smith said to me, squeezing in a chat between his morning workout and an appearance on the " Rachael Ray Show."

Even Smith is not immune to the lure of fattening treats whenever he's in town. He's a sucker for cheesesteaks, although his favorite spot is near-insulting, name-checking a spot in Cambridge, Mass., called Leo's Place. Who gets a cheesesteak in Cambridge? Smith favors the spot because it's near his alma mater, a little university called Harvard. "That's where Matt Damon goes back, too," Smith said.

To learn more about Smith, follow him on Twitter at @doctoriansmith, or visit his website,

Fries with that 'Shake'

Call it the intonation that set off a million memes.

Artist Jayson Musson, a UArts and Penn grad who spent a large chunk of his career in Philly before recently moving to Brooklyn, is sampled prominently in the viral hit "Harlem Shake." How prominently? He's the guy who actually says Harlem Shake.

"Harlem Shake," from NYC-based producer Baauer, is a viral hit, reaching No. 1 on iTunes. YouTube reported that 4,000 "Harlem Shake" videos are uploaded daily. The videos, generally about 30 seconds in length, feature people dancing awkwardly to the Baauer song and than launching into the Harlem Shake when Musson's voice comes in, bellowing the name of the song.

Musson's voice is sampled from "Miller Time," a 2001 song by his hip-hop outfit Plastic Little. Musson talked to Fader about the origin of the Harlem Shake line, stemming from a fight Musson got into while living in Philly that ended with him doing the Harlem Shake at his opponent. Musson told Fader, who gives an excellent history of the meme (read it here:, that he just found out he was the Harlem Shake voice. Baauer didn't ask permission, but Musson's cool with it.


* Recent Grammy victors Mumford and Sons, who were in town for two sold-out shows at the Susquehanna Bank Center, drank Yards beers and sampled the eats over at Buddakan.

There were at least two famous faces in the sold-out crowds: Actor/Oscar nominee Jonah Hill and Mayor Nutter were both jamming out to the band.

* Former Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley toasted with free-agent QB Sage Rosenfels at McGillin's Olde Ale House. They sipped on Hoegaarden and an O'Reilly's Stout. A McGillin's employee said the boys were "extremely friendly and dreamy."

* Actor Billy Campbell (recently of "The Killing," but he'll always be "The Rocketeer" to me) was in town promoting his new project "Killing Lincoln." Campbell was seen having a drink at Positano Coast, and then checking out the artwork at the Barnes Foundation. "Killing Lincoln," based on a book by Bill O'Reilly, premiered Sunday night on the National Geographic channel.


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