School bars transgendered 1st grader from girls’ restroom

Coy Mathis
Coy Mathis (Trangender Legal Defense & Education Fund)
Posted: February 28, 2013

The parents of a transgender first grader filed a civil rights complaint today in Colorado after the child's school barred their daughter from using the girls' lavatory.

Coy Mathis, 6, had attended Eagleside Elementary School south of Colorado Springs since 2011.

The child's parents say Coy was born male but as soon as Coy could talk insisted she was a girl, according to the Denver Post. Coy, who is the first of three triplets, dresses as a girl. Her siblings, parents, fellow students and school staff use female pronouns when referring to her.

That was not sufficient for Fountain-Fort Carson school district officials. In January they ruled that Coy could use any restroom in the school with the exception of the girls' room.

Offered use of the nurse's bathroom, Coy told that it was only for "people who are sick."

Coy's parents, Kathryn and Jeremy, withdrew their child from Eagleside and are home schooling until district officials change their minds.

"It's important for us to talk about this, because a lot of people have been so afraid to be their true selves for so long," Kathryn Mathis told the Post. "They've known from very young children who they are but were afraid to tell. We want to help create a society where it's OK to be who you are."

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