Tell Me About It: Invite husband to prenatal exams

Posted: March 01, 2013

Question: I'm pregnant with our first child. My husband is being very supportive in many ways, but I've also asked him to go to my doctor's appointments. I want him there for support in case something goes wrong, and I also think he should experience everything I have to go through during this pregnancy.

I've told a friend I expect him to go, and she thought I was being unreasonable.

Is it wrong of me to want my husband to experience the whole pregnancy? He says he doesn't have a problem with it, but he could just be trying to keep me happy.

Answer: How will you get him to experience labor - beat him with a stick? There's a lot here, actually, that you can take with you into motherhood:

1. Different people go about parenthood in different ways. Whether you're judging them or fretting that they all know something you don't, it's best not to get too caught up in the ways of other parents.

2. Teamwork is good. So is being transparent about when and how you would like support. But "expect"? "Everything I have to go through"? That's trouble.

3. Humoring a spouse occasionally is an act of love and sure beats picking at every little thing. But if you sense your husband humors you often, then you need to make a good-faith effort to be less demanding - with professional help if it comes to that.

4. Sharing the little moments of pregnancy, baby, family life in general, can bring you and your husband closer in big ways. Those routine appointments can be a magical start - which is why it's crucial to ask, not insist.

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