Sixers' general manager Tony DiLeo: Andrew Bynum still 'Plan A'

Posted: March 05, 2013

WASHINGTON - At this point, a lot of disgruntled Philadelphia fans would be just as happy if they never see center Andrew Bynum playing basketball in a Sixers uniform.

The Sixers organization must be a bit more logical in its decisions concerning Bynum, and right now the former All-Star who has missed the entire season with knee issues still is in play for the Sixers' future plans.

"[Bynum] is Plan A," general manager Tony DiLeo told reporters before Sunday's game. "Until we get the answers, until we make a decision, it's a calculated decision or a risk-management decision, that's something we'll have to make at the end of the year, going into free agency."

DiLeo confirmed that Bynum is considering having arthroscopic surgery to "clean out" cartilage fragments that may be the cause of the swelling and pain he has had.

"I think that's an option," DiLeo said. "He's talking to the doctors and getting opinions. Hopefully, if he does, that will help him."

Of course, that doesn't help the Sixers in the critical decision they'll have to make concerning Bynum at the end of the season.

Bad knees and all, Bynum will still be an attractive risk as an unrestricted free agent. The Sixers have already staked so much of the future in Bynum by trading away Andre Iguodala, Nik Vucevic, Moe Harkless and a future first-round pick.

Anything short of doctors saying Bynum's knees will not allow him to play again, the Sixers will have to remain a strong player in the riverboat gamble that will be Bynum.

"[Bynum] is unrestricted," said DiLeo, who added that he believes Bynum likes being in the Sixers organization. "He can go anywhere he wants and it's his career. He's only 25 years old. That's just something we'll have to see. We just don't have all the information now."

With a franchise-defining decision to make, that's a bad position to be in.

Injured Wizard

Sixers coach Doug Collins showed a great deal of concern when Wizards rookie guard Bradley Beal went down with sprained left ankle in the fourth quarter.

Collins didn't know the diagnosis other than that Beal had been down a while and had to be helped off the court.

"I really hope the best for that kid," Collins said of Beal. "I hope his injury isn't too awful. Beal is an incredible young player. I truly wish the best for him."

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