Sideshow: Big names hacked, doxxed on Web

Posted: March 13, 2013

New word: doxxing, the practice of piecing together detailed personal information from initial stuff you glean from Internet-available sources - such as when you find an e-mail address, then burrow through that to find phone numbers, addresses, info on chat rooms. It's a form of stalking.

Hacker(s?) on the website have either doxxed or hacked directly into celebrity private info, publishing photos, credit reports, mortgage details, Social Security numbers, etc. And now, says the FBI, the louts are "using" the info. Exactly how, not saying. Targeted celebs: Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, and, irony, FBI Director Robert Mueller, plus Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Joe Biden, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

Notice that .su suffix? It used to be used for Soviet Union sites. Hmm. started posting the info Monday. LAPD and FBI say they've been on it for a while and still are on it.


Celebrity flue flies high

We were glued to our seats yesterday, weren't you?, while "Chimney Cam," watched the Sistine Chapel flue. But non é successo niente: No pope yet. The celeb chimney now enjoys two battling Twitter accounts, @ConclaveChimney and @PapalSmokeStack.

Philly roots of 'Harlem Shake'

Thank God for the "Harlem Shake" - it pushed Psy off the horse. More than 12,000 YouTube videos of badly dancing humans, 44 million-plus views, more than 800,000 downloads sold, three weeks atop the Billboard charts!

Now that meme and mania are fading in the rearviews, let's hear a big Yo!!! for the two Philly connections involved. Brooklyn DJ/mixboy Baauer (non hip-hop moniker Henry Rodrigues), took the now-iconic yell "Then do the Harlem Shake!" from the 2001 track "Miller Time" by Philly rap-a-muffins Plastic Little! The yeller is onetime Philly rapling Jayson Musson. The second Philly link is Diplo, the now-NYC-based DJ who co-runs the L.A./Philly label Mad Decent. He heard Baauer's track on SoundCloud and signed him to the Mad Decent sublabel Jeffree's, which put "Shake" out. Except they forgot to secure legal rights to the samples! Musson and other artists are talking to the label about that.

Word: The original (and unrelated) Harlem Shake, up-down with your shoulders, ancient-Egyptian-like, is credited to Albert Leopold Boyce of Harlem in 1981.

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