Cops: Mom forced daughter, other girl to brawl

Posted: March 14, 2013

A Clifton Heights, Delaware County, mother is charged with assault after forcing her daughter, 12, and another girl of the same age to fight.

The victim received a concussion, prompting outcry from officials still reeling from the recent death of a local boy. Officials are investigating whether he died as the result of being punched several times during a schoolyard bullying incident.

Worse, said, Upper Darby police superintendent Michael Chitwood: this time a parent was directly involved.

"The video is a sad commentary with a parent charged in this type of activity," Chitwood said this morning. "She flunked Parenting 101.

According to police, the following occurred Sunday afternoon:

A black SUV pulled up at the playground of the Primos Elementary School in Primos. Michele A. Davenport, 45, climbed out, along with her 12-year-old daughter.

Davenport begins screaming at another 12-year-old girl on the schoolyard that, "her (expletive) daughter is going to kick the (expletive) of her, and when she's lying on the ground, she'll never (expletive) with my daughter again," according to Chitwood.

He said the confrontation was the result of Davenport's own daughter being bullied by the girl and others.

Davenport then threatened that if any of the other children nearby get involved, "she'll punch the kids in their (expletive) face," Chitwood said.

The two girls began fighting. After less than a minute, the victim attempted to shake Davenport's daughter's hand in an apparent effort to end the fight.

But Davenport intervenes, and forces them to fight again, telling her daughter to "kick her" and describes other ways to fight.

"You can tell the kids don't want to fight," Chitwood said at a press conference this afternoon. He called Davenport the "catalyst" for the fight.

"The mother acted like a moron, pure and simple," he said. "It was not the way to handle it."

The brawl lasted for half a minute before both girls became exhausted.

The victim received a concussion and cuts and was treated at Delaware County Memorial Hospital.

"After we viewed the video, we charged the mother," Chitwood said.

Davenport was charged with multiple counts, including simple assault, criminal conspiracy, and endangering the welfare of the child.

She was held after failing to post 10 percent of $35,000 bail.

Her daughter was also charged as a juvenile with simple assault and released.

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