Phillies Notes: Phillies' Phillippe Aumont apologizes for tweet

Phillippe Aumont joined the mob in Phoenix during the WBC Canada-Mexico donnybrook.
Phillippe Aumont joined the mob in Phoenix during the WBC Canada-Mexico donnybrook. (YONG KIM / Staff)
Posted: March 14, 2013

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Phillies reliever Phillippe Aumont ran in from the bullpen in the ninth inning Saturday afternoon in Phoenix and found himself right smack in the middle of an international incident.

"It was pretty intense," Aumont said Tuesday after rejoining the Phillies following his three-game hiatus with Canada in the World Baseball Classic. "It was the first time I've ever been in an actual brawl where people were going to town on it."

The melee started after Mexico's Arnold Leon disregarded an umpire's warning following two brushback pitches and drilled Canada's Rene Tosoni. Fists started flying, but a little order had been restored by the time Aumont made it into the middle of the scrum from the Canadian bullpen.

"I was trying to stay out of trouble," he said. "I was more frozen than anything else when I got there. When I got there everything kind of separated. I looked out and tried not to get sucker punched or anything."

Afterward, the testosterone level in the Canadian clubhouse was still high.

"Just a bunch of failed hockey players pumped up and ready to do another one," Aumont said. "That's what they call [Canadian baseball players] - failed hockey players. We were all cheering and pumped up, obviously looking at the video and seeing what really happened."

Aumont made some news shortly after the game with a Twitter post that called out his Phillies teammate Sebastian Valle, the catcher for Mexico when the brawl started: "Phillies fan.. How about Valle swinging at people with his catchers mask.. #stupid."

"Heat of the moment," Aumont said. "I took it off right after that. It was something that at the moment I was frustrated about and, like I said, it was a heat of the moment thing. After that I deleted it and I thought about it and it was not right for me to say that. The guy is my teammate. On the field it was different. What he did I thought was a little low, but that's none of my business. He's the one who deals with that."

The competition

The quest for bullpen openings began in earnest Tuesday and lefties Jeremy Horst and Raul Valdes got off to the best start. Horst retired all four batters he faced and Valdes allowed one hit and struck out four in three scoreless innings.

Lefty Jake Diekman surrendered three runs on four hits, including a home run, in two innings.

Extra bases

Chase Utley was scheduled to play second base Tuesday, but he was moved to DH after it rained all morning. He went 1 for 4 and hit his first home run of the spring. . . . Ben Revere had three hits, including two doubles. . . . The Phillies optioned five players to the minor-league complex before the game: pitchers B.J. Rosenberg, Tyler Cloyd, and Mauricio Robles; outfielder Tyson Gillies, and catcher Sebastian Valle.

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