RNC promises to modernize, as evidenced by this story

Posted: March 19, 2013

The Republican National Committee, chastened by last year's presidential election, is promising a sweeping modernization of campaign operations - as evidence by this story, made possible by tweets.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus not only presented the changes to the National Press Club this morning, but let loose with a stream of Twitter messaging.

He'll host a Q&A on Twitter at 1 p.m. today.

The RNC concedes Republican campaign organizers were largely outflanked in 2012 by President Obama's tech-savvy approach to campaigning. Not only will the RNC thoroughly embrace technology, Priebus promises, but will also embrace the reality of shifting demographics.

He pledged a data-driven approach and is creating a new Chief Digital and Technology Officer to oversee operations.

Preibus said the GOP will reach out to minorities like never before with a "bottom-up" approach of establishing a network of hundreds of organizers. The new field program is, "designed to engage minority groups and communities at the local level."

"The promise of opportunity will be our message, and a spirit of optimism will infuse everything we do," Preibus tweeted, saying, "There's more that unites us than you know. My job is to make that clear."

Preibus also announced the end of August conventions, and the creation of field operations in the belly of the liberal beast: San Francisco.

To get its message out, the RNC will sponsor hackathons in "tech-savvy cities," such as San Francisco, Austin, Denver, and New York.

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