W. Deptford woman sentenced to 24 years in killing

Posted: March 29, 2013

After Lori Hummel killed an ironworker in 2010, she showed up for an interview with investigators wearing a pair of Skechers, one of which appeared to be stained with blood, authorities said.

Hummel, mother of a teenage daughter, wasn't a suspect at the time, but that quickly changed.

The blood, authorities discovered, belonged to Thomas Carbin, a burly 54-year-old who was found stabbed multiple times in his neck in his apartment above a Westville bar.

On Thursday, Hummel, 41, was sentenced in Superior Court to 24 years in state prison for the killing.

She was addicted to drugs and is remorseful for her actions, her attorney told the court, according to the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office.

She admitted last month that she stabbed Carbin, an acquaintance, on Dec. 5. The West Deptford woman intended to rob Carbin, who worked as a welder and pipe fitter, the Prosecutor's Office said.

The next day, Carbin's daughter, then a senior at Gateway Regional High School, found her father's body partially upright in a chair in the apartment he shared only with his cats, George and Frankie.

"He was the reason I did so well in school," Christina Carbin said at the sentencing, according to the Prosecutor's Office.

Carbin, who was separated from his wife, had heart problems and his daughter often went to check on him, family said.

The day she found him dead, Christina Carbin had gone to his apartment to help him fix his printer, Bryn Wilden, a detective with the Prosecutor's Office, said during a January 2011 hearing.

Wilden said he noted a pool of blood on the carpet near Carbin's body and bloody footprints nearby.

A day later, as authorities reached out to people who knew the victim and Hummel was brought to the Prosecutor's Office for an interview, investigators noticed her boot. A sergeant asked to see it, and she put her foot on the table, Wilden said. "We noticed there was some red discoloration in the tread of the right boot," Wilden said. "It looked like blood."

On Thursday, Carbin's daughter said she had suffered depression and anxiety and had nightmares since her father's death.

Her mother was forced to raise "two angry, emotional kids the best she can," she said in court.

Hummel's attorney, Bruce Warren, spoke of his client's drug addiction, which he said alienated her from her teenage daughter.

She was "selfish that day" and "has nothing but remorse for what happened," Warren said. Hummel must serve 85 percent of the sentence before she is eligible for parole.

Last month she pleaded guilty to both first-degree manslaughter and a charge of conspiracy to distribute heroin while in custody in the Salem County Jail. She received a four-year sentence, to be served concurrently, on the drug charge.

Shortly after the killing, police found Thomas Carbin's clothing in a Dumpster near an apartment in Gloucester City where Hummel was staying, and she was caught on video using gift cards at stores that she had stolen from Carbin.

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