Sideshow: Real Housewife's boutique brawl

Posted: April 06, 2013

Reality TV is all about trouble, so perhaps it comes as no big whoop to hear that on Saturday, a brawl erupted at the clothing boutique Porsche 2, in Ridgewood, N.J.

Whose boutique? Kim DePaola of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Seems a man allegedly made fun of the autistic son of RHONJ castie Jacqueline Laurita and her hub Christopher. Joe Gorga and Albie Manzo, also of RHONJ, allegedly waded in. Three sinks were broken, one thrown through the air, there was "blood on the walls," and now Johnny Karagiorgis of Paramus has filed a citizen's complaint. That oughta be good for three or four new epis, at least.

A cuppa cuppa cup

A shout-out to Ultimo Coffee at 15th and Mifflin Streets, and also at 22d and Catharine! Ultimo was number uno in's list of America's Best Coffee Shops (, compiled by the influential food blog's drinks editor, Marcy Franklin, and a bunch of mud experts. They drink us, they really drink us! Philly had two in the top 10: Joe Coffee, a New York-based chain that just opened on Rittenhouse Square, with plans for a second Philly shop, is at number 9. Number 33 is Town Hall Coffee Co., on Montgomery Avenue in Merion Station.

- Michael Klein

Britney and her boy

Britney Spears, Most Followed Woman Who Doesn't Do Much, has a nice shiny new bf. She trashed her engagement to Jason Trawick three months ago, and now In Touch says new guy David Lucado is a Southern gent. Best of luck to both; Brit's ramping up the love.

Pattinson + 3 = Ha!

Ad campaigns: the best revenge! As the world is tired of hearing, Twilight vixen Kristen Stewart diddled behind the hairy back of her bf, Robert Pattinson. So now he's in an "almost-too-hot-for-TV" ad for Dior in which he, and we are reading this out of Life & Style, is "shirtless while simulating a foursome with three hot blond models." Vengeance!

Springer springs eternal

Cabler ID, short for Investigation Discovery (we di'n' know that; did you?) has just hired Jerry Springer to host a show, 10 one-hour epis, to debut in 2014, titled, fittingly, Tabloid, which, it says here, "peels back the curtain to probe the most bizarre larger-than-life stories you can't possibly imagine."  


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