DeSean Jackson's play the greatest ever?

Posted: April 11, 2013

DURING ITS offseason, manufactures creative ways to keep readers interested. It's perfectly normal, and something the Daily News does every summer.

We call it the Eagles' training-camp guide.

Anyway, one of the things the NFL website did this spring was to put 64 of its greatest plays in a bracket and have readers vote on their favorites.

The span went from Bill Osmanski's touchdown run in the 1940 championship game to Jacoby Jones' touchdown catch in the most recent Super Bowl.

Folks from within determined the top 64.

In an upset more stunning than anything Florida Gulf Coast pulled this year, readers voted DeSean Jackson's walkoff punt return against the Giants in 2010 as the greatest play in NFL history.

It was a terrific play, especially the selfless block Jason Avant threw to spring Jackson, but the greatest play of all time? Hardly.

Even the folks at's "Around The League" blog were scratching their eggheads over this one. "There's no way this is a better play than the Immaculate Reception, Music City Miracle or David Tyree's Helmet Catch," they wrote in a three-paragraph story announcing the winner. "This is the ugly side of democracy. Hope you are happy."

Jackson won six matchups to claim the title and beat Dwight Clark's famous play "The Catch" from the 1982 postseason to get into the Final Four. In an example of the absurdity, Jackson received 83 percent of the vote to Clark's 17.

Two final thoughts.

One, Jackson's return may be one of the great regular-season plays of all time, but that's about it. It rallied the Eagles from a 21-point deficit, but was the last gasp of the Andy Reid era. The Birds lost the next three, including a wild-card game against the Packers, and are 12-23 since. Clark's catch ignited the 49ers' dynasty.

Two to 3 months till the training-camp guide.

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