Contemplation and the labyrinth in Bryn Mawr

Posted: April 12, 2013

A regional conference on walking labyrinths as a form of meditation and spiritual contemplation will be held April 18 to 21 at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church.

The Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, who is considered the founder of the contemporary labyrinth movement will speak at the four-day event.

A labyrinth is a pathway with one route to the center which is then followed to the exit, said the Rev. Joyce Krajian, director of the the Middleton Center, the Bryn Mawr church's pastoral care and counseling division.

At least 50 labyrinths are located in the Philadelphia area. They are indoors and outdoors, and are made of materials such as painted concrete, grass and tile.

"With a labyrinth, there is a solitary path to a center so when you're walking, your feet are doing the work and that releases everything else," Krajian said. "Your mind is free. You're free to listen because you're not trying to make decisions."

Conference topics including "Spiritual but not Religious: Using the Labyrinth to Find Your Way" and "Nourishing the Soul: Feeding our Spiritual Hunger by Walking the Labyrinth."

Artress will speak at a lecture at 7:30 p.m. on April 18. The seminar on April 19 is a labyrinth-walking workshop that includes lunch. The conference will also offer a two-day labyrinth facilitator training.

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   -- Kristin Holmes

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