Your plot, your call on plaque

Posted: April 12, 2013

DEAR HARRY: I hope you can help me as you have so many others.

My 44-year-old son passed away in 2011 and was buried in my family plot. I hold the deed, which I inherited from my father.

My ex-husband (my son's father) placed a memorial plaque on the grave without my knowledge. My mother is in the grave next to my son. I was never consulted or notified about it. I discovered it only when I visited the grave some time later.

I am not only angry about the total disregard of my ownership of the property, but the fact that the plaque did not consider that my mother is also in the plot. I was informed that the cemetery was told by my ex to disregard that fact!

They further told me that I had no rights in this matter. I contacted the Attorney General's office and got a reply from the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs that stated that, "This office has decided not to proceed further with your complaint."

It appears that they arbitrarily decided against me with no explanation. Don't I have any rights in this matter?

All I want is a proper plaque for my son, which will also give me the opportunity to have a plaque for my mother.

How can I get them to do this?

What Harry says: You need a lawyer, and the sooner the better. One with real-estate expertise would be a plus.

The toads at the cemetery had zero right to ignore your ownership of the plot.

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