Sideshow: Putting focus on wartime rape

Posted: April 12, 2013

Angelina Jolie stood up to world leaders Thursday in an address to the G8 foreign ministers meeting in London. She identified wartime rape as one of the most intractable - and ignored - travesties in world affairs. "Hundreds of thousands of women and children have been sexually assaulted in the wars of our generation," Jolie said. "I have heard survivors of rape from Bosnia to [the Congo] say that the world simply does not care about them." Added Jolie, "But wartime rape is not inevitable."

Paltrow: I give 'em Oreos!

Usually the coolest of cucumbers, Gwyneth Paltrow is livid over reports that she starves her kids, Moses, 6, and Apple, 8, as part of a dictatorial processed-grains- and gluten-free diet detailed in her new cookbook.

"What it is," Paltrow tells Dr. Mehmet Oz, "is that my son has very bad eczema and he's allergic to gluten, and [Apple is] allergic to cow dairy." Adds Gwyn, 40, "They say I don't give my kids carbs, and I'm feeding them seaweed. . . . But they eat Oreos, too, and they're normal kids."

Party with Todd Rundgren

Beloved Philly rocker Todd Rundgren will celebrate his 65th b-day and the release of his 24th solo studio LP, State, with Toddstock II v6.5, a party June 17-22 at Nottoway Plantation & Resort near New Orleans in White Castle, La.

He'll perform and everything. The hotel is full up. Tix are still available for the campgrounds for $799 a head. Info:

Jay-Z: I'm the Dylan of rap

Jay-Z released a new song called "Open Letter" Thursday that's a sort of music news conference, an editorial on "the Black CNN," as Chuck D referred to rap back in the day.

The Made in America curator is ticked off about the congressional folderol about his weekend trip to Cuba with his wife, Beyoncé. He also updated fans on his plan to sell his stake in the Brooklyn Nets so he's allowed to be an NBA agent.

In "Open Letter," he calls himself "boy from the hood, but got White House clearance" and calls himself "the Bob Dylan of rap music," referencing Dylan's Blood on the Tracks screed "Idiot Wind."

- Dan DeLuca

Chris Brown 'n' Rihanna on

Defining a perfect sine wave with their oscillating love story, a manic-depressive roller-coaster ride of passion, lust, and despondency, Chris Brown and former assault victim Rihanna made a second round of headlines this week. Days after word leaked that they'd broken up, RiRi posted an Instagram pic showing them majorly happy, cruising along in a car.

The post cites sexy, unprintable lyrics from Brown's "Look at Me Now" to the effect that they are sexing each other up just fine, thank you very much.

P. Diddy, Kate U.: Get a clue!

Speaking of rumors of romance dead and alive, Kate Upton and Sean P. Diddy Combs are less than pleased by a New York Daily News report that they were caught making out.

"Really??? Not at all true," Kate tweets!!! Mr. Combs eschewed question marks, employing two exclamations instead: "Attention all Media," he tweets. "I don't even know Kate Upton personally! I'm not dating her!" The News stands by its story, saying Combs kissed Kate during a trip he took to Miami with his one-moniker gf, Cassie.

Gossip petits fours

Halle Berry, 46, has been talking baby all week, telling the media in Rio de Janeiro that her first bairn with fiancé Olivier Martinez won't slow her down. She said she took four years off when Nahla was born. Not this time. "When I have the baby, I'll keep walking!" . . . Fans of Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss, 20, are angry, hurt, up in arms that the Chicago native has cut her hair into a short bob. "Mall of America hair," one comments. . . . Real Housewives of Atlanta lady Kim Zolciak, who now hosts Bravo's Don't Be Tardy, may be planning a fifth child. She wants another girl, says People. . . . In an extraordinary act of courage, Rachel McAdams, 34, has dyed her hair red, thus exhausting the hairstyle color wheel, says People. There are no colors left to try.

When celebs go to court

The Orange County District Attorney's Office won't charge hard-core star Jenna Jameson, 39, with battery for allegedly attacking transgender porn star Britney Markham on Saturday, TMZ says. Sheesh, sounds like a typical weekend at the "SideShow" compound.

NYU prof José Angel Santana's defamation suit against scholar-actor James Franco was tossed out of a Manhattan court Wednesday, says the New York Daily News. Santana was upset Franco skipped 12 class sessions, saying he "didn't feel like [he] needed to waste time with a bad teacher."

First Elmo, now CharlieBrown?! Peter Robbins, 56, who voiced Charlie in A Charlie Brown Christmas and other Peanuts pics, pleaded guilty in San Diego, Calif., to making criminal threats and stalking. Seems he went after ex-gf Shawna Kern and her plastic surgeon, demanding a refund for the breast implants he bought her before she left him.

TMZ says nanny Dawn Drago is suing Sean P. Diddy Combs' babies' mama, Kim Porter, for wrongful dismissal, claiming she was let go after she complained Porter chain-smoked marijuana in front of the kids. Drago also claims that Porter's 6-year-old twins, D'Lila Star and Jessie James, once got into a bag full of a mysterious white powder and pills, getting it all over themselves.

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