Which Philly fans drink the most?

A Flyers fan cheering against the Buffalo Sabres during Eastern Conference quarterfinals in April 2011. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)
A Flyers fan cheering against the Buffalo Sabres during Eastern Conference quarterfinals in April 2011. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)
Posted: April 13, 2013

Part 4 of a series about Philadelphia fans.

Let's bust another Eagles myth.

We already learned Philadelphia's only so-so for its percentage of pro football fans.

We also learned the Eagles and Phillies have roughly the same size fan base.

Now get this:

The Eagles - with their history of tailgate-happy fans, a ban on beer sales after the snowball-hurling Bounty Bowl 2, and a courtroom at Veterans Stadium - are not the club whose fans are the most likely to take a drink.

Raise those glasses, Flyers fans.

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Fans of the local NHL franchise were most likely to drink overall - or at least admit it - although Phillies fans were most likely to say they'd had a wine cooler.

Each team's fans were more likely to drink beer, wine or liquor in a given week than the rest of the local adult population, except that Sixers fans had the lowest score for wine.

Sixers fans also topped Eagles fans for beer.

Scarborough didn't ask about quantity of booze.

Here are the major results. Note that the variations must be due to fans who don't follow all four teams.

Consumed any alcohol in previous 7 days

Flyers fans: 60 percent.

Eagles: 54 percent.

Sixers: 53 percent.

Phillies: 51 percent.

All area adults 21 years or older: 47 percent.

Most likely to drink, by type of alcohol

Beer: Flyers fans, 42 percent.

Wine: Flyers, 24 percent.

Liquor (spirits): Flyers, 21 percent.

Wine coolers: General population, 1.9 percent.

Hard cider: Flyers, general population (tie), 1.2 percent.

Note: The wine cooler and hard cider numbers can't be considered accurate, because so few people mentioned them, Scarborough says. Then again, it's clear large numbers said, uh, no, we don't drink that stuff.

For breakdowns by teams of individual drinks, see Philly Lists blog.

"Fan" was defined as anyone who had watched, attended or listened to at least one game for a particular club within the previous year. So if someone had watched the Eagles, Sixers, Flyers and Phillies, he or she would show up as a fan for all four teams.

The stats came from questionaires filled out by more than 210,000 people nationwide, including more than 5,000 from the Philadelphia media market, from August 2011 to September 2012 for New York-based Scarborough Research. The results were first made available in February.

By asking about all sorts of consumer habits, Scarborough is able to provide its clients, which include many pro teams, all kinds of correlations.

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