Nutter in New York to party with Time's best

GETTY IMAGES Mayor Nutter hangs with Gayle King (left) and Susan Rice at the Time 100 gala Tuesday in New York.
GETTY IMAGES Mayor Nutter hangs with Gayle King (left) and Susan Rice at the Time 100 gala Tuesday in New York.
Posted: April 26, 2013

 MAYOR NUTTER hobnobbed with the stars on Tuesday night at the Time 100 gala, honoring the hundo people the weekly magazine deemed influential. Beyonce and Jay-Z (who made the list) bailed on the party, so Nutter was clearly the next best thing.

I hear the mayor chatted it up with Oprah's BFF and "This Morning" co-host Gayle King, Padma Lakshmi of "Top Chef," Vice President Joe Biden, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice and all-time great actress, activist and Marian Anderson award winner Mia Farrow.

The gala didn't make it onto the mayor's itinerary for Tuesday, though, and the only tweet Nutter sent out that day read, "In NYC w/ @joshk & @bobmoul meeting w/ investors & entrepreneurs to promote Philly & #StartupPHL," which got me curious. Why no hoopla?

The gorgeous Lakshmi has a history of dating balding bookish men with glasses (she was once married to author Salman Rushdie), so maybe his peeps were just trying to keep his appearance on the DL to keep Padma away?

"It's nothing we were hiding; we're proud," said Mark McDonald, Nutter's press secretary. "He was the only mayor they invited to the thing."

Cursing in shul

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Susie Essman, known for her almost-supernatural cursing abilities, is not the first choice to perform in a house of worship, but she's been booked at Lafayette Hill's Congregation Or Ami on May 18, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Girls on the Run. Essman doesn't believe she's performing in the sanctuary at Or Ami, which makes her job a little easier. "I performed in an Orthodox synagogue in Montreal - I was right in there," Essman said, laughing, "and it was incredibly uncomfortable."

But that's not the worst thing that's happened to her at a place of worship. Because Essman is known for epic F-bomb-dropping abilities, fans will often ask her to curse at them, which she agrees to. Usually. "The most inappropriate time [someone asked me to curse at them], it was at a wake," Essman said. "With an open coffin."

Despite the awkward moments, Essman has a lot to be thankful for, namely her four kids, ranging from 19 to 25. "I get hysterical phone calls daily," Essman said. It's worth it for the set-fodder. "In the middle of the hysterics, I think, at least they help me make a living. They don't exactly pay for themselves but they help me pay the bills."

"Curb" fans don't have to be a member of Or Ami to check out Essman. Tickets, at $50 and $100 tiers, can be purchased at

Batter up!

Sports media stepped up to the plate at Citizens Bank Park yesterday for the Richie Ashburn Home Runs for Heart media day. 98.1 WOGL's Bill Zimpfer was deemed the best radio batter, CBS 3's Steven Strouss took home the trophy for best television batter, while the People Paper's own Ryan Lawrence won for best print batter. 6ABC's Jamie Apody was the best woman to take the plate. She's now got two of those trophies at home. She won the same award last time she took to the plate, three years ago before her son, Tanner, was born.

Everyone else can try their own hand at hitting at CBP on May 6 and 7 during Richie Ashburn Home Runs for Heart, benefiting the American Heart Association. Visit for more details.

Dear Watson

Local actor Randy Louis Swiren, of Marple, will be on tonight's episode of "Elementary," the updated Sherlock Holmes series starring Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn and Jonny Lee Miller. Swiren, who plays victim Stewart Bloom, says he had to get in full special-effects makeup and perform a stunt for his time on set.

The episode premieres on CBS at 10 p.m.


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