The Sixers are now on the clock

Posted: April 26, 2013

THE SPECULATION will go on, probably for quite some time, as to who the next coach of the 76ers will be. All of the popular names will be thrown about, names that were listed in the Daily News over 2 days last week. But if there is any reading into what may happen, it should be done with last week's words of caution from owner Josh Harris.

"We're certainly starting with more of a blank sheet of paper than we all expected," Harris said last Thursday, a day after the team's final game and the day he announced Doug Collins' resignation. "But I also think that it gives us the opportunity to build. When you're building a high-performance organization, being able to pick the pieces, including the coach, make sure they all work together. It gives you the opportunity to make your decision. I believe we're going to be successful over time here. I think we have a very smart, successful ownership group that's willing to spend to bring a winner to Philly. We've learned a lot in our first 2 years here. We're learning. We're going to ultimately be successful.

"I'd like to have a coach [before the June 26 draft] but ultimately I want to have the right coach. I don't think it's going to happen overnight. I think it's going to take a little bit of time to figure out who is going to coach the team. We're going to have to spend time analyzing it and going through a process because that's the only way I know how to do things."

When asked about front-office jobs and the scrutiny they will get, Harris said that "everything is on the table." If you read into it, it appears as if Harris is doing what has made him among the most successful businessmen in this country - he's evaluating everyone who is currently on staff and then he'll fill in the biggest blank, which is the head coach.

Should Harris decide to make some changes, most notably with general manager Tony DiLeo, then the coaching search really takes a back seat to that of the hunt for a GM. If he decides to keep DiLeo, there still seems to be plenty of work Harris wants to do before hiring the coach.

Still, getting someone in place before the draft is not only ideal, but somewhat of a must. A new coach wants to put his stamp on the team right away, and the draft is the first chance to do it.

Then potential coaching names will come and go and come back again. Just don't anticipate a hire happening very soon.

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