Ochocinco's day out

Posted: April 30, 2013

WHAT DOES a former NFL wide receiver do with his time?

Well, if you're Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, you spend the day hanging out with a homeless guy.

Johnson sent out multiple tweets Saturday describing his encounter with a guy he called PorkChop.

"Spent my whole day with Robert 'PorkChop' he doesn't know his last name, at Urban Outfitters," Johnson tweeted.

Some would say that Johnson doesn't know his last name either, having legally changed it to Ochocinco (Spanish for 85, the number he wore in the NFL) in 2008 and then back to Johnson last year.

But that's another story.

Johnson published photos on his Twitter account of PorkChop before and after their visit to the clothing store. There's also a shot of them sharing beers at an outdoor cafe.

And that isn't all.

"Gave the dude a G-shock watch I had in the car so he can tell time," Johnson tweeted.

No word on how the day ended, but a tweet from Johnson indicated the two might be getting together in the future.

"Might as well go job hunting with 'PorkChop' as well," said the tweet. "We're both unemployed."

Johnson last played with the Patriots in 2011. Before that he was with the Bengals for 10 seasons.

He was trying to earn a spot with the Dolphins at training camp in August 2012 when he was arrested and charged with simple domestic battery after his wife accused him of head-butting her during an argument. The Dolphins ended up cutting him and so did his wife. They divorced a month later.

Timely award

Congratulations to former Daily News staffer Frank Bertucci, who was presented with a watch for winning the Jesse Abramson Award at the Penn Relays on Saturday. The award is given to media members for their involvement with the Relays.

Bertucci covered World Cup soccer for the Daily News in 1990 and '94 and worked as a copy editor at the People Paper from 2006-2012.

He has been at every Penn Relays since 1979.

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