Eagles draftee Logan doesn't crave attention

LSU defensive tackle Bennie Logan , a third-round pick, doesn't crave attention. DAVE MARTIN / Associated Press
LSU defensive tackle Bennie Logan , a third-round pick, doesn't crave attention. DAVE MARTIN / Associated Press
Posted: May 03, 2013

If third-round pick Bennie Logan is already overshadowed as a member of the Eagles' 2013 draft class, because quarterback Matt Barkley was drafted one round later, it would not be the first time Logan has been snubbed.

Logan grew up in Coushatta, La., one of eight children, and attention is always diverted in a big family. He's the third-youngest and has four brothers and three sisters.

At Louisiana State, Logan did not command much attention, either. He was a productive defensive tackle whose spotlight paled compared to defensive ends Barkevious Mingo and Sam Montgomery - and others, too.

There were eight LSU defensive players drafted in 2013. Four LSU defensive players were drafted in 2012. And Logan's contributions were less evident by scanning statistics. His duties included, as he explains it, "taking on the double teams, doing all the dirty work in the trenches." That didn't land him on magazine covers, but it helped him get drafted by the Eagles with the No. 67 overall pick.

"I was happy for them to get the attention rather than me, because I'm not a guy who likes all the cameras and interviews and what not," Logan said. "It was more of a team thing. Even if those guys were successful and doing good things, everybody celebrated."

The NFL knew all about Logan. The Eagles targeted Logan, and Kelly watched him play in person. When Logan walked into a meeting at the combine, he saw Kelly and immediately thought about his first college start: a 2011 season-opening victory over Oregon.

"Hey, I remember you," Logan said.

"I remember you, too," Kelly replied.

"In the interview room, I had a really good vibe that they were very interested in me," Logan said last weekend. "I didn't really expect them to draft me because I didn't hear much since the combine. But I knew they had a lot of interest in me after the combine."

Logan, who is 6-foot-2 and 305 pounds, fits precisely what the Eagles are looking for from defensive linemen: big guys who can move. Kelly pointed out there are only so many people on the planet who have such a combination. The Eagles said Logan can be a three-down player in the interior, meaning he'll be adept against both the pass and run. They also said he can add weight to his frame if needed.

"You know our mentality. Big people beat up little people, so we're going to continue to try to find big people. But they've got to be able to move a little bit, too," Kelly said. "They can't just stand there and be a statue in there. They've got to have some movement skills and be able to get off the blocks and make plays."

The Eagles also liked Logan's intangibles. He has an affable personality, and Kelly remarked this weekend that Logan was one of the players who wowed the Eagles in the combine interview. Barkley was another.

During the moments when Logan earned the spotlight at LSU, he usually answered questions about one peculiar topic: his jersey number. Logan wore No. 18 at LSU. That's an unusual number for a defensive tackle, but it carries significance with the Tigers.

"No. 18 is passed on for good leadership on and off the field, good character, taking care of business, not causing any problems, go to class," said Logan, who was the first defensive player to wear the number. "The coaches, training staff, equipment staff, those guys vote on who should wear No. 18. So if you have friends on the team, they can't vote for you because they like you. This is voted strictly by people who have authority."

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