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Posted: June 07, 2013

Here are a few of the roses Bill Kozemchak recommended during a walkabout of his garden:

Prolific bloomers: Julia Child (floribunda) and Fourth of July (climber).

White roses: Sally Holmes (climber); Pillow Fight (shrub), which Kozemchak thinks grows better than Iceberg, a white standard; and floribundas Fabulous and Moondance.

Black spot resistant: Cherry Parfait (grandiflora); Heart 'N' Soul (shrub); Pretty Lady (floribunda).

Fragrant: Hybrid teas Double Delight, Pope John Paul, Neptune, Secret; Ambridge (shrub); Compassion (climber).

Overall health and vigor: Fairy Tale, Knock Out and Home Run series of shrub roses.

For low-maintenance suggestions from the Philadelphia Rose Society: Go to

Recommendations for food and water: Kozemchak feeds his roses Rose-tone and Epsom salts (for magnesium). And because he exhibits at shows, and has a higher than ideal concentration of plants, he sprays fungicides and insecticides to keep disease and pests at bay.

He uses soaker hoses for watering, when conditions are very dry.

Where to buy: Because it's become harder to find unusual roses locally, he often buys online from: Chamblee's Rose Nursery in Texas (; Heirloom Roses in Oregon (; John's Miniature Roses in Oregon (; Palatine Roses in Canada (; and Roses Unlimited in South Carolina (

To visit: Kozemchak gives talks and welcomes visitors. He can be reached at

Hungry for more information on roses?

American Rose Society,

Del-Chester Rose Society (Delaware and Chester Counties),

Philadelphia Rose Society (Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery Counties),

Jersey Shore Rose Society,

West Jersey Rose Society (Burlington, Camden, Gloucester Counties),

- Virginia A. Smith

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