Sideshow: Suit: Bieber guns are out

Justin Bieber and a bodyguard have been sued by a photographer, claiming violence.
Justin Bieber and a bodyguard have been sued by a photographer, claiming violence. (ETHAN MILLER / Getty Images)
Posted: June 11, 2013

A photog named Jeffrey Binion is suing Justin Bieber and one of his bodyguards, Hugo Hesny, claiming he was attacked when he tried to snap the singer outside Miami's Hit Factory recording studio. According to TMZ, the suit claims Hesny threw Binion against a wall and grabbed him by the throat. Hesny then showed off his (no doubt awesome-looking) holstered handgun, while a second goon took the memory card from Binion's camera.

"Bieber's violent behavior toward photographers must end," Binion's lawyer, Russell S. Adler, tells TMZ. Adler claims Hesny doesn't have a Florida permit to carry a concealed weapon. Bieber and his Viking marauders have been involved in four unpleasant standoffs over the last week. No comment from Bieber's camp.

Nigel Lythgoe's 'Idol' exit

Nigel Lythgoe, 63, was there In the Beginning when American Idol was just a glimmer in Pop Idol creator Simon Fuller's eye. Nigel took Idol to his breast and helped nurture it. He was there when the judge's table was Simon Cowell-ized, and he remained after Simon left. Now Nigel has been pushed off the show. But he's not bitter.

"It has been a tremendous honor to launch and build American Idol," he says in a statement. Noting that he's "truly saddened to be leaving a great team of friends and colleagues," Nigel gets in a nice dig: "If the executives . . . believe that the ratings will improve with my departure, I have no complaints."

Love lives of the rich 'n' famous

It's splitsville for Jane 'n' Lara! Glee star Jane Lynch, 52, and psychologist Lara Embry are separating, three years after they wed in Sunderland, Mass. . . . London's Daily Mail says True Blood star Alexander SkarsgÄrd, 36, and Juno's Ellen Page, 26, who costar in the new movie The East, have been dating for nearly a year.

Mom to take Paris Jackson?

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe has heretofore never attempted to gain primary custody of their teen daughter, Paris Jackson, but that may change now that a judge has ordered an investigation into the circumstances of Paris' attempted suicide last week. TMZ says Rowe has offered to assume guardianship of Paris, 15, who lives with grandmom Katherine Jackson.

Terry Gross on WHYY-TV

NPR's Philly-based Fresh Air host Terry Gross will be featured on WHYY-TV12's President's Dinner 2013 on June 20 at 10:30 p.m. Taped last month at the WHYY President's Dinner, the hour program will feature Gross receiving the org's Lifelong Learning Award. She'll also be interviewed by NPR's Scott Simon.

Pink: It's crazy hair month

On June 1, locally cultivated hero Pink declared that "June is crazy hair month. . . . Crazy hair is fun." On Saturday, the singer, known for her trademark super-short hair, was spotted in L.A. sporting really long platinum blond hair with pink highlights.

Kanye West, Mister Avant Garde

Kanye West once again proves he's at the very edge of the artistic vanguard with a video he just shot to promote his next LP, Yeezus. Source tells In Touch Weekly the vid is inspired by American Psycho, the Bret Easton Ellis novel from 22 years ago that was made into a film in 2000. Kanye's vid stars Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheban and ends up with Cheban dead.

Traffic stops of the rich 'n' famous

Carrie Underwood and hub Mike Fisher were pulled over for speeding Sunday after Carrie's gig at the 2013 CMA Music Festival in Nashville, says . . . Environmental activist Erin Brockovich (played by Julia Roberts in the movie) has apologized for taking her boat out on a Nevada lake while intoxicated. She was busted for boating DUI on Friday.

Gossip petits fours

Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson's sixth studio LP, From Here to Now to You, is due Sept. 17. . . . Kings of Leon will release their LP Mechanical Bull on Sept. 24. . . . CBS's broadcast of the Tony Awards drew 7.2 mil viewers, a 20 percent spike from '12. . . . In an event so momentous, it may trigger Armageddon, Cher will sing - live! - on the June 18 season finale of NBC's The Voice. She'll do "Woman's World," the titular single from her next album. . . . Rapper 2 Chainz ( Tauheed Epps) and his five-man entourage were robbed at gunpoint Sunday in San Francisco.

Salvific acts of the rich 'n' famous

A man named Jim Walpole, 77, tells the Toronto Sun that John Malkovich saved his life last week when he tripped and fell onto a piece of scaffolding in Toronto, which resulted in his throat's being badly cut. The actor compressed the wound to stop the bleeding until help arrived.

This article contains information from Inquirer wire services.

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