Police: Killing sparked by argument over walking dog

Posted: June 15, 2013

It all started with a quarrel over who was going to walk the dog, officials say.

Now, police in Chester County are looking for a man charged with murdering his stepfather.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Devaine Justin Scott, 19, of Caln Township, after he allegedly shot Joseph Durham on Monday during a fight.

According to police, Scott had just finished a shower when Durham asked him to take the family dog for a walk before going to bed. The two quarreled, then began fighting. Michele Durham, the victim's wife and the defendant's mother, fled with her two younger children, drove to the Caln police station, and called to police from outside.

Officers found the house littered with shell casings. They called out and Joseph Durham answered, saying that he was wounded and that a gun was in the room. When police told him to throw the gun out of the room, he did not respond.

They withdrew and waited for backup. A robot brought in by the department's emergency response team revealed that Durham was on a bed and not moving. Officers entered the room to find him dead, shot five times.

An unidentified witness reported seeing a naked man walking in a nearby parking lot with a woman shortly after gunshots were heard.

Another witness told police Scott came out of the house and said he had been in a fight. Scott was then given a gun by an unidentified person and returned to the house. The witness heard gunshots and said Scott then fled to Philadelphia. The woman with Scott was identified as his sister.

Police executing a search warrant found $3,000 in cash and marijuana packaged for sale in Scott's BMW at the house.

Police said Scott had twice promised to surrender but failed to show.

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